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  1. Chessie has the most lax weather policy... All the major rides will stay open unless the rain is unbelievably heavy... Though I cannot say much about Kobra's situation in rain...
  2. Are the really? I didn't notice with all the plans and stuff when they got released... You also neglect to mention the new Lorikeet enclosure and interactive tree... They're both new... Seriously, the area is really fantastic and is certainly not a complete rip off as you seem to think it is... Troll...
  3. Not really a lot to say with the comments but thank you both FRONTIER GROUP ANNOUNCE BOARDWALK BAY AMUSEMENT PARK! Gritle Beach will soon be home to a new all year amusement park thanks to the Frontier Group, who are also planning grand investment in the adjacent area, including shops, restaurants and hotels. Spokesman Andy Morello said "This amusement park will help turn Gritle Beach into the tourist hotspot it deserves to be, we at the Frontier Group are working hard with the community to help evolve this old area of the town and bring in thousands of new jobs and homes to the publ
  4. Hello all... I return with yet another park, hoping that this one will indeed last longer to completion than the others which suffered from rct-block... A fictional town in California, Gritle Beach is rather run-down and unpopular, even though it was once a tourist hot-spot... However, something is happening... "Recently Gritle Beach Tramline has recieved an extension courtesy of a unknown benefactor, who has also purchased a lot of land around the old run-down beach area, a PR assistant said that there were great plans for this area, roads and a car park had already been laid
  5. The plans have made me very happy indeed... A shame it isn't a proper coaster, but hopefully that's one for the future, as another coaster to the same scale and height limit as Fury would actually be perfect for what Chessie are planning to do in the future for the park... What with this and general improvements seeming to always be started on (for example the Sea Lions are getting a window in the pool for the first time in years) and the other piece of planning permission put in through the hotel, I have great optimism for Chessie's future... Long may this kind of addition continu
  6. It was very very nice meeting you today Big Mike, and a good ride on Apollo's Chariot was shared I'll do a TR when I get back home eventually... Cheers for the pics and what-not you took and have fun on the rest of your travels, I will continue watching with interest...
  7. Been working for Chessington for 3 years now... Although I started on Vampire, Bubbleworks, Black Buccaneer, Seastorm, Dragon's Playhouse and Canopy Capers all as a platformer... My second season saw Safari Skyway added onto this list, and later on operating Black Buccaneer... This year now I no longer have Vampire, Bubbleworks, Buccaneer, Seastorm and Skyway, but instead have Peeking Heights, Tiny Truckers, Sea Dragons, Griffins Galleon and Dragon's Fury... I don't operate Fury or Peeking, but hopefully will get one before the year is out...
  8. Can we at least wait till after the 5th July till people do bad things to it? I wish to grab this as a credit before any burning or removal of important lumber is done... God this is just like the Colossus arguements on the English forums as well, some say it's too rough, some say it's ok... It's amusing the similarities between enthusiasts from the two sides of the Atlantic... Either way, I want to ride this just to see who to believe, but hey, I didn't like Ghostrider, so if SoB is to the same scale of roughness as that I won't like it, yet my mum will... We all have different
  9. Cheers for all the info so far guys, given me a chance to laugh at the stupidity of CP with the Maverick single rider What would people say about the best time to go on Roller Soaker as well? I'll be at HersheyPark on the 28th and need all the credits I can get in order to make Beast my 200th... So when's the best time to ride Soaker? First thing? Last Thing? Thankyou...
  10. Since I'm off to America in around 3 weeks, now is a good time to try and find out if the following parks have any form of single rider queues that I could possibly take advantage of whilst credit hunting... The parks I am visiting are: - Hershey Park - Kennywood - Cedar Point - Kings Island (not important here, VIP tour ftw) - Dollywood - Busch Gardens Europe All help will be appreciated and any good routes around Hershey and CP would also be appreciated since those two I am finding difficult to plan for... Especially as I'm doing CP on the 2nd and 3rd of July... Thankyous i
  11. Maybe Merlin are throwing some money at Heide Park since they own it now... Either way, they do have some very good theming standards, even if Saw is a let-down of late-Tussauds proportions...
  12. I could do with something else to do since my other project is stalling quite a lot... So yeah, I'm in...
  13. ^Hehe, well I am from Europe, maybe it's just based off what my mind percieves as good? Anyways, I have some new pics of the new Jungle themed area... Which stands at 10 rides! Including 2 dark rides, 2 coasters, and a kid's land... Suddenly from Eastern Empire, we have more construction... Inside one of the new dark rides... And the other one... Two different themes for both... What looks to be a coaster station... But what kind of coaster will it be? There are two to be revealed... I am told that the first dark ride is complete, the other is having to wait whi
  14. ^^^I know exactly what you mean, it's a case of getting the inspiration and effort together to get the windows on the castle ^^It looks european? Erm, honestly have no idea what to say to that... Lol... It has no background cos of the lack of name and everything so have no idea where it would be located... ^I do things area at a time on this park, and I can only wish my father had billions in the bank, would help uni a lot
  15. Should've come to Griffin's Galleon... I was on it most of the day
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