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  1. I visited the park today and I have never seen it so crowded. It was so bad that it was literally hard to walk around. The wait for a ride on Tele2 Insane was 2+ hrs. Of course I didn't wait that long. I'll go back on a more quiet day. Anyway, the ride looked a LOT MORE FUN than I thought from watching videos and stills on the web. I'll definitely come back for a ride later.
  2. Well.. I obviously do enough to start this thread. So it's moved to South Pier. Interesting.
  3. Went to Pleasure Beach for the first time last year. Never tried Spin Doctor. Was looking forward to it this year but I see that it has been removed. Has it been sold, and if so, where?
  4. Thanks everyone for all the tips on parking and getting round the parks. Can anyone confirm whether or not there are any bank holidays during the time that I plan to visit these parks, Sep 2-6?
  5. I'm afraid the end of September is out of question because of the work situation for the party going with me. It'll have to be the first week of September. My plan is as follows. Sun Sep 2: Arrive in London. Spend the whole day in the city. Mon Sep 3: Thorpe Park Tue Sep 4: Alton Towers Wed Sep 5: Blackpool Pleasure Beach Thu Sep 6: Going home Why would this be worse than the second half of September? Schools are back in business by this time aren't they? Also, do the parks usually have all attractions open at this time of the season? Or do I have to fear half of the rides being closed down for maintenance of something horrible like that? Anyone? Thanks!
  6. Hi guys! Time to bump this topic. I'm going to visit the same three parks again (Thorpe, Alton, Blackpool) and I'm wondering whether to go the first week in june or sometimes in september to avoid waiting in line all day.. When are schools out and when do they start up again? Please help! Sperious
  7. Thanks guys for all your advice! Maybe I better wait until april or may next season if that would be the best time to go? And the $50 Gold Qbot may very well be a darn good investment. Oh, before I forget to ask, are all rides usually open in that time of the year? And is the park open at all on weekdays? This year it was only open one week in mid april on weekdays, according to the web site. Is that some kind of holiday over there, and if so, should it be avoided? TheArchfiend>> When you say lines have been short the second weekend of september, what exactly does that mean? What should I expect? Walk on, 10 mins or an hour? Elissa>> What happened to your side trip to Sweden and Liseberg? Did you cancel because of Lisebergsbanan (or the Banana Coaster, as you know it) being down or did I miss something in the updates? And by the way, whatever happended to Stealth? I was there a few days after TPR and, yes, it was down.. Wasn't it down BEFORE your visit as well? Did they open it up just for you guys? Aren't they concerned about the safety for TPR members? Sperious
  8. Hey everyone! I'm planning to go to SFGA in NJ for the first time. Since I'm coming all the way from Sweden I'd like to have your comments on when the best time to visit would be? Is there any time at all when the queues are NOT like an hour or two for the major rides? I was thinking about going on a weekday in september, but I saw that the park isn't even open at that time. What would be best, a weekday late august or a weekend in september? Or something completely different? And how long queues should I expect when they are at their shortest? Please help! Don't wanna spend like $4000 standing in line all day, riding two or three rides! Thanks Sperious
  9. Thanks guys. A few different opinions, but (mon)-thu in mid september should be ok for all parks? Are all rides still operating in that time of the year? Thanks Sperious
  10. Hey everyone! Just came home from a small trip to the UK. I've been to Thorpe Park (sun 16/7), Alton Towers (mon) and Blackpool (tue). The queues at Thorpe Park was horrific! Between 60 and 90 minutes on every attraction worth a ride! Alton Towers started out just as bad, but got a little better in the afternoon with 30-60 min queues. Blackpool was GREAT with 0-10 min queues on all rides! I'm planning on going back soon again to be able to actually RIDE some attractions at Thorpe and Alton Towers. Can anybody tell me whether the queues are as bad all summer? Is this the way it normally is? Is it better in, let's say, september? I know going to Thorpe on a SUNNY sunday in july was kinda stupid.. so next time it'll be on a weekday! So.. what is the best DAY and MONTH to visit these parks again, and what are the "normal" queue times on the major rides. Please help me plan my follow up trip! Thanks Sperious
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