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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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Hey. This is a big deal for the Uk. The 2nd coaster over 200ft if i'm correct. The last one was in 1994.. Plus this is going to have a better launch than Rita: Queen of Speed. And the views should be good of the rest of the park.

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To all those who think this ride will stink compared to KK, I say it will be better for multiple reasons:


1) It will have less rattle

2) It will easily have less down time

3) It is a record holder (for the UK)

4) It will probably have better air

5) once again, LITTLE RATTLE (i really hate rattle)

6) It isn't at a Six Flags, so it will probably have a better team, smaller waits, and easily better maintenance

7) It will most likely be called Humdinger, which easily beats KK's name

8) It is prettier (doesnt stick out as much)

9) It's newer, so it will be smoother in that aspect, because intamin does try to make their new rides smoother than previous ones

10) It has an upward launch! KK doesnt have that (i dont think its as noticable)

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I also believe that almost all rockets have the same degree of launch angle. It would only make sense to do this so they can easily determine the amount of power needed per launch and the way the system works.


You just cant notice it on KK since theres no access to that part of the track Stupid designers...whoever thought to quarantine the people from that part of the ride were morons.




But this will be better than KK for all those reasons already listed.




Considering where the ride is above the ground when it starts to when it starts up the tower, thats a pretty nice incline.

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Theme UK has just posted a few new pics of Thrope Park's new Intamin Rocket coaster, all topped off!




Here's a teaser:



Click on the above link for more pics.


I'm really glad it has the straight down drop rather than the stupid twisty one.


--Robb "Those of you on the UK Trip next year have this and more to look forward to!" Alvey

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The top half of the coaster looks good in white. I wonder what the "locals" think of this being created next door to them.


It does look quite intense with that "Airtime" hill being so small, I just hope they do not put the brakes on the side of the hill as this would be so stupid.


The best place for brakes is a long straight flat section after the "airtime hill"...


It's great to see Thorpe Park adding a coaster with a good height to it. very rare for the UK to have a coaster so high.


Will it be over in less time than Kinda Ka or TTD..?.


The train sides look nice and exposed.

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