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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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I'm wondering why a catwalk is up there to. If it was really for maintenance purposes, they why doesnt Storm Runner have one?


The park most likely wanted it so Intamin put it on...That's what it usually comes down to when things don't really seem to make sense.


And nothing Thorpe Park does ever makes sense.

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Safety, is one main reason, also the Over the top Restraints, dont have to be so tight against a person to hold them in the seat so this is a bonus if the ride has airtime, a bit more freedom. But safety is something that is the main factor.


From my experience of the over the shoulder restraints on RITA they do not give extra room for airtime but actually reduce the amount of airtime that would be available with lap bars. For those who are taller they are also very very uncomfortable, even painful on occasions, and certainly spoil the ride. In no way do they feel to me like lap bars as has been mentioned. If Intamin have problems with their lap bars then what a shame they could not come up with a new design rather then resorting to over the shoulder restraints.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt Xcelerator and TTD the only rocket coasters with lap bars? I think maybe this is because they were the first two ever built, and thus were still in proto type stage. Maybe Intamin will follow Primier and put lap bars on the trains in the future.


Colin C

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  • 2 months later...

Hey everyone,


We have finished our video from our Thorpe Park Stealth Construction tour. You can download the video by either visiting our video downloads page:




or by clicking this link:



And if you haven't seen our photos yet, check them out here:






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^ I think reach envelope is where they test the realitic range that a ride could reach. As in to test to make sure that there's nothing that a rider could hit while riding.


Though they'd have to screw the ride up pretty bad for it to fail.

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^ I think it looks freaking AWESOME! I seriously got chills when I watched the video of it testing.


I can't think of Stealth as mini-Ka because I've never been on Kingda Ka. Keep in mind that Stealth will be pretty much the tallest coaster I've ever ridden. It's 205 feet tall, right? i've been on Magnum which is 205' tall, and SFDL's S:ROS which is 208' tall with a 205' drop. So 205' is pretty much my magic number, lol.

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