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  1. Can anyone give me advice of the best way to travel from "manhattan" to the park. I want to go the 4/4 Or 4/5 not sure yet. Will be in the city for a week and slowly donning on me I can't be that close to one of my favorites and not go.
  2. I always get super claustrophobic looking at pics of this museum. You couldnt pay me enough. Having a mini panic attack right now.
  3. SFOG 1.Georgia Cyclone (I love that first drop and for all the haters that have it ato the bottom try the second to last roe either train ) 2.Goliath 3. Georgia Scorcher 4. Mind bender 5. Batman 6. GASM 7. Superman 8. Triple D 9. Dahlonega Mine 10. Blue ninja¿? 11. Joker
  4. After all these years people still use that excuse after over and over the park itself stating there'should no height limit....back to my rock One last thing If we get a coaster next year it's going to be something unique. Every coaster that sfog gets is unique except for batman that was a clone
  5. ^floater air > ejector(Eltoro is my favorite) This ride looks sick. Came out of hibernation just to post. I like intimidator, I like Goliath (sfog) mix the two together and the South gets a new beast. All of you haters out there. How can you hate this is the 4th giga coaster. A rarity at the moment. the ride isn't open yet, so stop b*tching and go get laid. Life's to short to nit pick. Am I the only one who gets quagmire giddy no matter the size of a new coaster. More coasters more fun.
  6. Leviathan looks like a fun ride, loving the track color. Everyone was looking for a gimmick, but all it did was break the stereotype of no 300ft beemer. At first I felt cheated, however in the end more coasters is always a good thing. All these complainers and haters, saying why build two hypers. Well, why build two wooden coasters, why did la ronde add Ednor, because, normal people won't even notice or care about similarities. Or maybe CedarFair is saving the good stuff for U.S.
  7. Voted Yes. Change is always good. I don't mind the layout however I wouldn't mind if you stretched it out a bit. Just don't get rid of grey on black color scheme whatever you do. That's always been TPR. Kind of archaic but who wants another website full of white and bright colors.
  8. In the grand scheme of the rollercoaster world it wasnt that great but for the mid atlantic region it was. As someone who grew up with the coaster and watched my younger siblings grow up with the coaster it was sad to see it go. It fit well with the other coasters until Griffon came and destroyed the atmosphere of the park. Just because a ride doesn't make top 25 or 100 on mitch hawkers doesn't make it a bad ride. I remember as a kid fearing that there was really a wolf back their lurking around the coaster and dont let the ride break down on second or third lift I would almost shit myself. No other ride was able to do that to me except for tower of terror in Fla. sorry but i dont agree with the thread title.
  9. I don't know why but when ever you post one of these free club TPR dvds i feel like i just found $20 in my pocket that i didn't know I had. For some reason I just get so excited. Thanks robb.
  10. Just watched my copy of Bluray Raw volume 1. It was great like all the other raw DVD's plus it feels like im really there now. At first when i opened it up I looked at the Track list and I was very dissatisfied. I didn't really care for most of the coasters. However, after watching the whole thing all I can say is thanks Robb for putting out another excellent coaster DVD. On a side note, there was one or two scenes that where a bit choppy and seemed to jump around. It didn't take away from the experience, also I don't know if it was my PS3 or the disc acting up.
  11. after watching the intimidator vid in HD on youtube. I was hoping for a bluray release of the next raw compilation. When you do release a bluray version of your movies will there be a package deal where you get both a Bluray and a DVD in a combo pack. I wouldn't mind paying extra for something like that.
  12. - Favorite new coaster storm runner(2004). - Favorite new ride acrophobia(2001), best drop tower in the country for me. Mission Space comes into a close second. - Favorite new park Only "new" park i've been to is Hard rock park(2008). So its sad to say it wins by default. - Most memorable park moment seeing Cedar point's skyline for the first time in 2006. - Most memorable coaster moment Boulder Dash. I rode it for the first time in 2008. That ride is amazing yet you never hear anything about it. Every hypes voyage and el toro but where's the boulder dash love. - Best ERT session Media day for goliath at SFOG. Final ride count for that day was 54. - Least favorite coaster Superman Ultimate Flight(2002). Why did they clone this ride twice. - Least favorite ride any Disko coaster - Least favorite park. Sixflags america aka lets plan our park expansion with RCT. Whenever I go to this park I always feel let down. Its located just outside our nations capital yet it is one of the worst sixflags parks. - Most interesting ride you've seen introduced Katun. - Least interesting ride you've seen introduced Stealth at thorpe park. why??? - Your favorite TPR moment (favorite post, trip report, video, whatever!) my avatar - The decade's biggest flop Vekoma flyers where are they now. - The decade's biggest success rocket coasters. - The best meal you've had at a park Food? - The worst meal you've had at a park Bad Food? i don't usually eat at parks. - Best park turnaround i don't know - Worst park turnaround i don't know. I just started to branch out and visit parks in 2005. - What was the biggest trend of this past decade? dark ride shooters.
  13. 1. Sounds cool but what exactly are they offering here for $40 besides a credit at the tpr. I would use the credit but why waste $25. 2. not that i can think of. 3. yes and no. 4. I don't do a lot of trips nowadays so paying $40 dollars just to talk to people online doesn't make sense to me. Also I do my part in supporting by purchasing TPR DVDs every year. 5. I know what you guys are capable of doing for free whats the extra money going to change for the better. -jeremy
  14. Q1) M Q2) 22 Q3) steel Q4) b&M clamshell seats are my favorite. i hate all otsr. Q5) eltoro Q6) "if this lapbar was loose id fly out of my seat airtime." Q7) stalling drops like sheikra, griffon. Q8) no rollercoaster scares, only rides at the fair scare me. Q9) somethings shouldnt be mixed. Q10) Themeing… Is the theme important in the overall ride anticipation and ride satisfaction? expedition everest or any disney coaster with out the theming would be a crappy ride. theming helps create the coaster experience. Q11) Queuing… Do you like to see the ride whilst in the queue? it doesnt matter after a while it becomes irrelevant Q12) i always figured that popular rides have long queue and less popular ones have shorter lines. i dont think it depends on ride lenght Q13) Is there anything you would like to see improved/changed with roller coasters? as far as layout/track design goes, coaster creators or any designers, can see the flaws in their work and improve upon them in future projects.
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