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  1. A few of the photos can be viewed at incident Sorry haven't got the pics on me pc yet. Go down to the forth post and few pics are there.
  2. They've had metal detectors for a while now, but they don't search everyone, its just a random pick of who they search. Its normally groups of teenagers but not all groups get searched.
  3. Only quick, went Thorpe park today and while walking along the amity cove area there was a stabbing in the KFC restaurant. All happened around 3:30pm police and medical services turned up within minutes and the whole of amity cove (Tidal wave) area was cut off with police crime scene tape. I really cant understand why people would take knives to theme parks. Anyway photos will be up soon.
  4. Took this one 2 weeks ago at the Towers. Nemesis
  5. Stealth had another rollback yesterday 27 April. Sorry no video. Great video Inferno Insane, that rollback was a great feeling, I was sitting next to Alex may. I actually thought the strangest feeling of rolling back was stopping at the top and then gradually rolling backwards and and Alex said it seemed like we was up there for an eternity. They also seem to be filling the trains in a certain way now so that the 2nd train doest rollback but as soon as they get to full trains around the 8-10th train there is one that goes over really really slow or like it did yesterday rollback.
  6. I play an electric guitar, only been playing a few months and seem to be coming along nicely. learnt few songs mostly green day stuff and the darkness.
  7. I have been to Thorpe park 4 times since opening and stealth has run perfectly when opened, if its gone down during the day its been only for 10-15 minutes. I was also there on Sunday and there was a rollback and it was tested for ages, then one train started loading and the other train was still being tested, 20minutes after the rollback. This i cant see why as other rocket coasters just relaunch until it makes it over the hill. Also on 3 occasions it has opened late around 30mins after park opening. I think Stealth's downtime could be a lot worse and i think it has run very well since opening.
  8. Do absoluty everything with my right, cant do anything with my left.
  9. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/hamhouse/rollback.3gp A video of Stealth at thorpe park rolling back on the 7 April.
  10. ^ Great song you got on there Tobs, definitely one of my favourites. Right now i have on The offspring - Want you bad
  11. I voted Intamin purley because my favourite coasters are all Intamin. TTD, Millennium Force, Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE), Goliath (walibi world). As much as I do love B&M I just feel that Intamin are the better company.
  12. Out of the parks i've been to. In no order: Alton Towers Cedar Point Six flags new england Busch gardens tampa Islands of Adventure Thorpe Park Blackpool Pleasure Beach Toverland Parc Asterix Oakwood.
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