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  1. Excellent Photo TR hansrubens, I was there 2nd - 4th Feb and it was crowded too, sounds about the same as when you were there. It was an excellent few days though, my first trip to DLRP and I cant wait to go again!
  2. Excellent trip report there Divv. Ive been considering heading over to the US alone in the next year or two to do an East Coast or Florida trip, and reading the report gives me some inspiration to get off my a$$ and just do it! :o)
  3. Looks good to me. I was a bit sceptical about them putting in a Eurofighter at Thorpe, but the plans looks really cool. Roll on 2009!
  4. April - Alton Towers May - Blackpool Pleasure Beach June - Thorpe Park August - PortAventura September - SFMM, Vegas (Nascar Cafe / NYNY) October - Thorpe Park November - Alton Towers
  5. Hi there So I have been lurking around here for sooo long now, I thought it was time to introduce myself and hopefully get more involved in the forums etc. My name is Dylan, I am 31 and live in Reading, England. I have been a coaster fan for years and over the last few years managed to get out to some non UK parks - SFMM, CP, SFGAdv, PortAventura. My home park is Alton Towers (even though Thorpe Park is closer to my current home), have spend many days out there over the past 18 years. Which probably explains why Nemesis is my favourite coaster. After riding it so many times since its opening season, I still enjoy it as much now as I did back then. I get very jealous looking through all the TPR Photo Trip Reports and Upcoming Trips - hopefully one day I will come along to one, when I manage to persuade one of my (less fanatic) friends that it would be a great idea! Maybe.....one day.... East Coast Trip 2008 looks awesome. So...hello everyone *waves*
  6. I think I have only been on 6 B&M Inverts (including 3 B:TR's). Must do more! 1. Nemesis (Alton Towers) 2. Raptor (Cedar Point 3. B:TR (SFMM) 4. Nemesis Inferno (Thorpe Park) 5. B:TR (SFGAdv)
  7. For me I would have to say California. Have been over 3 times in the last 5 years. So many different landscapes, the national parks are awesome. I love New York City too.
  8. Im just back in the UK after a trip in California and went to Six Flags Magic Mountain while there. Had an excellent day, it was a Friday and school had started up so the park was pretty much empty - all rides either walk on, or at least stright into the station (apart from X which had an hour queue in the station!!) Ive been a couple of times before, but when it was busy, so only managed a few rides. This time I managed an excellent ride count. X x1 - it seems really rough now towards the end of the ride. 1st half was excellent, but by the end I was glad it stopped! Viper x3 Tatsu x 2 - I was really impressed, its really fast throughout, and you really get the 'flying' feeling as it's so high for most of the ride, and you cant really see the track from your position, so cant tell whats coming up. And the pretzel loop is insane!! DejaVu x1 Riddlers Revenge x1 Batman x1 Superman x2 - Station was empty so just got straight back on. I wasnt as impressed with Superman this time as before, I think probably as I have been on Dragster, the height / speed thing didnt have the same effect anymore. Goldrusher x1 Scream! x2 Goliath x1 - Still scares me for some reason, after riding it a few times, and the helix at the end is really intense. Was an excellent day, I was impressed with the park and staff, they seem to have been getting slated recently, I didnt see anything to moan about at all. Also went to Vegas, Speed at Sahara was really cool. Manhattan Express (or Roller Coaster as it seems to be called now) at NYNY was okay, but seriously painful, I wouldnt rush back onto it....especially at $14.00 a go. Made a detour to Buffalo Bill's Casino near Vegas to ride Desperado, to find it was shut on Tuesday's and Wednesdays. Very annoying!!
  9. jd27

    Knotts Berry Farm

    Thanks guys. My main intention is to try get on the main coasters - Ghostrider, Silver Bullet, Xcelerator....anything else is a bonus really. I probably wont have another chance to come to the west coast for a while, which is why I really want to try and get there. So it sounds feasible..as long as I get through the airport quite quickly. And if not, then I will just head to the beach.
  10. Hi I am flying to LA from the UK on Thursday 6th September. We arrive at 1.00pm and are staying at a hotel near LAX. I am planning on visiting KBF this day, and was wondering is it feasible (considering LA traffic) to get there and have enough time to ride the main coasters before the park closes at 6pm. We are off to SFMM the following day then driving up the coast, so Thursday is the only possible day. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Dylan.
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