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I definitely agree with the Giant Dipper at the SCBB, the beginning of Son of Beast, & Nitro at Great Adventure.


And, kind of random, I really like how Wildcat at Hershey starts off. The turn into the small hills heading straight toward the lift really stood out to me for some reason when I first went on it.

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For steel coasters, I would say Dollywood's Mystery Mine. The pre-lift is similar to a dark ride with good theming, but is also a decent coaster bit with a couple good drops. The drop right out of the station really surprised me the first time I rode.


For wood coasters, I doubt I will ever find one that beats the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's Giant Dipper.

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haha. I didn't scan the entire thread but I think I'm the first to mention ThuNderaTion at Silver Dollar City. Yes, it's 90 percent of the ride, but the ride does continue after the lift. As far as helices go, that ride has one of the best as well. And a great drop out of the tunnel following. Mmmmmm. I loves me that ride.

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Although I have not been on it, The Jack Rabbit at KenneyWood has an interesting Pre Lift (The drop into the ravine).


Also At BlackPool Pleasure Beach the Grand National has a cool one! You can High Five the people as you turn around.

And The Big Dipper. The tunnel and a view of Infusion and all is quite cool!

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I have to agree with two earlier posters: Thunderation at Silver Dollar City. A good half of the ride is before the pre-lift and it is INSANE! Loved it.


Hydra - creeping through a barrel roll is definitely a unique experience.


Phoenix - AWESOME tunnel.


Hades - rough but psychotic and fun - prepares you for the tunnel, which is like being caught in a subway during the apocalypse!

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1. Thunderbolt at Kennywood--In the back sest, the first two drops had me practically on my feet, butt a long way from the seat.


2. Santa Cruz Giant Dipper--A pitch-black tunnel with some nice laterals is a great way to start a ride.

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Here's my favorites:


X2: Pure anticipation of what's comming next

Ghostrider: Fun little turn around before the massive lift

The Dragon: Amazing darkride section made completely of legos (it's half the ride)

Both Giant Dippers: Classic Dark Tunnel

Big Thunder Mountian (CA): Mine Caverns are amazingly detailed


Haven't really been on any others that stand out

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I think I'd go with Thunderbolt at Kennywood (for the insanity of it), any version of Big Thunder Mountain at the Disney parks (for the mine tunnel, bats, and pools), and Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom (for the scenery).

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