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  1. I got lucky enough one morning at Kings Dominion to ride solo on both Dominator and I305. When I got through the gates I immediately went to Dominator as its the only coaster open right away. Sat in the front row and nobody else had gotten in line yet so they sent me by myself. Then I got the season pass early entry to the rest of the park and went straight back to Intimidator. I went to the front row and sat down. 2 other people were in line with me but they both wanted the front row as well so again they sent the train with just me on it!
  2. 2 for Pennsylvania: Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights phantomfrightnights.com/ Idlewild Hallowboo! idlewild.com/
  3. I know parks will give out return tickets sometimes when things like weather force them to close early but they didn't. They stayed open until their advertised closing time! Sure some rides didn't reopen but they got as many rides up as quickly as they could. Just another case of people wanting something for nothing.
  4. While waiting in line for Storm Runner: "You should go ride Intimidator 305 at King's Dominion. It's awesome 'cause it drops like 400 feet!"
  5. i305 started with one train yesterday. Maintenance was working on the red train. They ended up putting red on just after noon which made the line short the rest of the day (<10 min).
  6. I was there today too. I305 is just awesome this year. Untrimmed version with the straps is about as good as it gets IMHO. I305 was still a great ride even with the trims but in its current form the airtime on the second hill and the speed on the drop is just incredible. I got several rides in on it today and can't wait to get some more next time!!
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