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  1. It sounds like there is a feud going on between the owner and director of operations. This does not sound like good news. https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/news/2021/05/bushkill-park-manager-accused-of-fraud-in-civil-court-filing-the-owner-wants-him-out.html
  2. That would be me! It was great to finally meet you two on Saturday. That TPR poncho is definitely on it's last legs. "Red Racer went down, then Blue went down, then both came back up but with two trains on blue/ one on red, so not always racing)" To add to the Racer saga, after all that happened, both went down again, then red finally reopened on it's own, running only 1 train.
  3. Ah, that makes sense. Hopefully I'll be able to shift them over in person, once the park opens.
  4. Has anyone tried signing up for KI Pass Perks yet? I'm getting an error message and wonder if I can only sign up with Kings Dominion, where I renewed my Platinum Pass in Sept. 2019.
  5. They tried to pack our group of three with a group of two, despite the fact that the line was less than 5 minutes long!
  6. ^It's the same at CP. Millennium operator said they let 350 people into the line after 7 pm, then cut the line for the night.
  7. Great point! I'll go with this perspective from now on. CF really is providing pass holders with great value, (nearly) two seasons for the price of one.
  8. ^Always do. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what this year's definition of "unsecured articles" is.
  9. ^^So that means Steel Vengeance is officially an up charge, then? I used to just leave my cell phone in the car, but,now that they have metal detectors, I can't exactly do that with my car keys...
  10. For those who have been to the park this year, do you actually need to bring your phone into the park? I filled out the health survey on the app; does that automatically get uploaded to your pass, or do you need to physically show your results to an employee?
  11. ^Is that policy new? I know I was able to get a parking pass from Express at check-in a few years ago.
  12. Here's a thought: will the stand by Vengeance queue actually move faster this year? Half as many riders and no fast lane should be a wash, but they may be able to dispatch more quickly with so few riders on the train.
  13. "Since I had some time to kill on the way back to the airport, I decided to stop at Twin Peaks in San Francisco. I'm a bit ashamed of myself that I spent a whole summer in the Bay Area and never visited this picturesque vantage point since the views were incredible." This comment had me cracking up, until I saw the actual pictures below it. Here's where my brain went:
  14. "Does anyone know who manufacturers this ride?" I had the pleasure of riding one of those self-controlled top spins at IAAPA, back in 2012. It was bonkers! If I'm remembering correctly, it was made by Moser. I'd love to see one of those at every FEC in the country.
  15. Vortex must have been in need of some seriously expensive maintenance, otherwise the removal at this time makes no sense to me. The ride pushes through close to 1600 people per hour, with only 3 operators! Firehawk struggled to do half that with, what?, 13 ops. Plus, I don't see KI going major coaster again until 2023, at the earliest. I am certainly in the minority, but I actually quite enjoy Vortex. It is without a doubt the best pre-Schilke Arrow looper. Word certainly got out quickly. Before dusk, Vortex had a longer line than Beast!
  16. While waiting in line for Steel Vengeance, the other weekend, I was thinking about how bad it's practical capacity actually is. The theoretical capacity is 1200 pph, but, in all practicality, with walks of shame and triple-checking restraints, they are only dispatching a train about every 2.5 minutes, dropping the capacity 576 pph. Assuming a 2:1 standby-to-fast lane ratio, the ride only moves 384 pph from standby and 192 pph from FL. Yikes! Really makes you appreciate Magnum and Gatekeeper, doesn't it?
  17. Great report, Taylor! I'm really missing TDR. I believe that mystery midway queue was actually for Pooh fast passes AFTER we had already ridden the ride.
  18. While I actually quite enjoy the old Scooby Doo coasters from the former Taft properties, Zach's Zoomer annihilated my knee caps, so it is very low in my rankings.
  19. "Eejanaika: Let me preface this by saying that my opinion is not shared by all. These 4D coasters are very polarizing." A special thanks to those on the trip who hated Eejanaika enough to give up their fast passes. (I'm pretty sure Robb and Elissa are at the top of that list.) This afforded me two bonus rides on it. I know I'm in the minority here, but I can definitively say that Eejanaika is the best coaster I rode in Japan. That thing was just bonkers from start to finish.
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