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  1. ...when someone says Engineering Reliability Test and all you can think of is Exclusive Ride Time.
  2. 2011 Voyage: Smoothness: 4/10; Awesomeness: 9/10 Legend: Smoothness: 7/10; Awesomeness: 9/10 Raven: Smoothness: 9/10; Awesomeness: 9/10 2014 Voyage: Smoothness: 6/10; Awesomeness: 10/10 Legend: Smoothness: 4/10; Awesomeness: 7/10 Raven: Smoothness: 7/10; Awesomeness: 9/10
  3. Thank you so much! I will make a donation to your page tomorrow morning. - Jason Thanks again, Jason!
  4. I'm going to go ahead and guess that this is the Space Spiral at Cedar Point.
  5. I just sent $30 your way, as well. Thanks for your continued generosity, year after year.
  6. The Reds Hall of Fame Grille is a table service restaurant, yet somehow quite a bit less expensive than the counter service places around the park. In addition to burgers, you can get pulled pork, wraps, salads, and wings. I've had an okay burger there before, but recent reviews have suggested worse. My buffalo chicken wrap was quit good on another visit. Last year's prices that I can recall: Burger + Kettle Chips: $8.99 Wrap + Kettle Chips: $9.99 Pulled Pork + Kettle Chips: $11.99 Prices are not bad at all for being in an amusement park.
  7. I just sent $20 your way. Thanks for the generous 'triple-up' offer!
  8. $25 donation made to your page, Adam! Good luck with the rest of your fundraising! Thanks Nick! $25 is headed your way.
  9. Let's keep this ball rolling... I will donate $25 to the page of the first person to donate $25 to my page.
  10. Aug. 12 is the last weekday of operation (other than labor day, of course).
  11. Originally, to my knowledge, the MCBR shed was a block brake and could completely halt a train if needed. That is no longer the case today. This would explain the lift speed discrepancy between now and pre-magnetic trims.
  12. Banshee will be the least of your worries. Even on weekends, the line drops under 15 minutes after about 2 pm.
  13. The way that mall is stylized kind of reminds me of the Opryland Hotel.
  14. ^If that pans out, I may have to reevaluate my decision not to buy the dining plan.
  15. It's very interesting to hear that Holiday World still has a full Timberliner train in its possession. While I'm confident we will never see Timberliners on the Voyage, I would love to see a Gravity Group junior woodie (i.e. Wooden Warrior) built at Holiday World in the future, something to bridge the gap between the Howler and the Raven.
  16. ^If the weather's nice, it shouldn't be a waste. That being said, if you plan to get there at opening, there's really no need to pre-order FLP.
  17. Starbucks took over most of the shops on the left side of International Street, as you enter.
  18. I would love to see some body slides (drop box, maybe) traveling through the Voyage structure, to transport guests between the two areas of the water park.
  19. I was running a little late this year, but I am now officially signed up on the Kings Island Team! If anyone would like to help me get caught up, it would be greatly appreciated. Chuck, $5 is headed your way. Thanks for the continued generosity.
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