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  1. Also, if a cast member hears you speaking English, while waiting for the Tiki Room, he'll give you a hand-held translator for the show!
  2. Give me the busiest Saturday of the summer, and I'll ride every "adult" coaster (save Face Off) by 2 pm. Just be in line at the gate at least 15 minutes before early entry and tackle the rides in this order: Mystic Timbers Diamondback Flight of Fear Firehawk Stunt Coaster Beast Vortex Racer Adventure Express Banshee Bat
  3. Behind The THEMES looks like a great way to support GKTW! https://secure2.convio.net/gktw/site/SPageNavigator/behind_themes.html;jsessionid=00000000.app260a?AddInterest=1262&NONCE_TOKEN=AB13E3E2FABC3A18A0DC9844FB70634B
  4. Coney BBQ is a great addition. The biggest improvement, however, is staffing. I was there on a slow Sunday and all (other than Chick-fil-a) food and drink venues were open, even the Freestyle machines in the train station! This is a vast improvement over last year, when lines would be ridiculous, even on slow days.
  5. ^Bat never has a line but would be worth the wait, even if it did. A full queue on Vortex only takes 30 minutes, but it's wait will likely be 10 minutes or less most of the day. It'll beat you up a bit, but if you assume the Arrow riding position in 7-1, it's quite fun.
  6. ^I'd also recommend Braxton Brewing, if you plan on heading over to Covington. They brew Graeters ice cream flavored beers!
  7. I'm loving the triple meaning of SOP! 1. Standard Operating Procedure 2. "a thing given or done as a concession of no great value to appease someone whose main concerns or demands are not being met" 3. "a piece of bread dipped in gravy"
  8. The new FoF locker policy seams really odd. At KI, you're allowed to keep bags at your feet, as the the ride's g-forces are exclusively positive. They do have cubbies at the rear of the station (previous FL merge point) available for use, as well. (Those are often used by Firehawk riders who don't want to pay for a locker.)
  9. My list is finally submitted! Top 10: Intimidator 305 Intamin at KD Phoenix PTC at Knoebels El Toro Intamin at SFGAdv Lightning Rod RMC at Dollywood Voyage GG at HW Outlaw Run RMC at SDC Beast Dinn at KI Fury 325 B&M at Carowinds Millennium Force Intamin at CP Cornball Express CCI at IB Bottom 5: Steamin' Demon Arrow at GE T3 Vekoma at KK Vortex B&M at Carowinds Flight Deck Vekoma at CW Time Warp Zamperla at CW
  10. Several of the queues at SFStL are ridiculous. The Batman, Boss, and Mr. Freeze queues are all really long. Even American Thunder's is longer than your average ride.
  11. Sundays in the fall are rarely busy. If the weather is really nice, there will be some crowds; other than that, the place will be empty.
  12. It was a sad day when Seabreeze removed their Gyrosphere, though they had stopped playing "Fire on High" several seasons before it closed.
  13. I'm pretty indifferent about these. The SDC pick looks neat, but the other two just look odd.
  14. Yes, that's the one. It's been a couple of years since I've visited, so the park may have smoothed out that awesome kink halfway down the hill since then. Also, I REALLY need to get back to Knoebels!
  15. In the back seat, one of the hills between the turnaround and helix on the Legend at Holiday World produces this same effect, just to a much lesser extent than Skyrush.
  16. The beer garden and the bar in Reds still don't get lines. Also, they'll give you large cups of water, if you ask, unlike the other locations.
  17. ^The park did not add enough infrastructure to support the new unlimited drink plan. This is really clogging up the lines at the food stands. Also, I have yet to see the train station Coke Freestyle machines operating this year, and I've visited on a Thursday, 2 Fridays a Saturday, and a Sunday, the most recent of which could not be considered early-season.
  18. Interesting, I have never had issues with the Boo Blasters guns. I guess I'm just lucky! During my last visit, I scored a personal best: 1560. As a side note, I'm enjoying the improvements around the park. Boo blasters broken effects have been fixed. International Street now has thematic music. FoF has the show lighting in the queue working again. Although, the whole "my pleasure" thing feels a bit awkward this far North.
  19. I'm sure that title had a lot to do with the 1-click rides they used to allow during Stark Raven Mad, pre-2003.
  20. FoF hasn't required lockers in years. Even before they allowed bags at your feet, they had bins at the rear of the station, that were accessible upon exit. Backlot and Bat also allow you to keep bags at your feet.
  21. Guilty! ...you see Mako Shark on a menu and instantly suspend any further search for something to eat.
  22. ^Keep in mind tickets are discounted by 10% on weekdays.
  23. ^The more time the Beast has to warm up, the better. It tends to be a bit sluggish the first few hours of the day.
  24. ^^You shouldn't have any issues with Diamondback. Banshee's another story; if you decide to ride it, I'd highly recommend going for the front row, in one of the center seats. I would not recommend Firehawk, as that ride might just do you in for the day.
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