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  1. I think the biggest problem with inviting all coaster clubs is the extremely large number of GOCC members in the area. The ratio of enthusiasts to media was hard to manage at Banshee media day...not to mention feeding all of those people.
  2. Does anyone know if the all season drink pass is valid for all Cedar Fair parks?
  3. The first Sunday is on Easter this year, and one week earlier than usual. It still looks like the usual Sunday buyout is on the 23rd. The private event on Good Friday appears to be something different.
  4. Is there a story I missed? I've been wondering for awhile now if the "golden age" of coaster groups will slip away... Some parks still bend over backwards to cater to enthusiasts during events, but how much do they get back from that? Some of us leave them good reviews and give them some minor publicity, but I know its a hassle, and there's always something or someone that makes the group look bad somehow. Nothing specific, just there were way more coaster nerds than actual media. It couldn't have been cheap to feed us all breakfast and lunch. Plus the "entitled" attitude of many ent
  5. ^I can't see Cedar Fair ever inviting coaster clubs to media days ever again.
  6. I have never purchased a souvenir bottle. Even when I received one for free at Coasterstock, I did not use it. It's incredibly inconvenient to carry around, and I refuse to pay for lockers. From an environmental standpoint, the more paper cups you use, the more trees that get planted. The vast majority of paper products in the US are sourced from sustainable tree farms. So drink up tree-huggers!
  7. ^There is definitely a TPR video of the Phoenix crew demonstrating a 20 second dispatch.
  8. Thank you, but no. It was Eric Rentz, our Director of Attractions. If you listen to our podcast, he's the one who didn't wear pants during his job interview. Yes I do! It sounds like Eric will never live that down. Speaking of the podcast...Melt Bar and Grilled is now offering "The 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Melt."
  9. I'm going to guess "Bison-tennial Spin" was a Paula creation.
  10. The price is usually around $30 and includes 2 meals, guest speakers, and ERT. You have to be a member of an approved coaster club, like clubTPR.
  11. Agreed! I have yet to to figure out how to snap one of these Larson models. Also, I find it interesting that Carowinds not only allows snapping but actually makes a competition out of it.
  12. I've been thinking that for a while, but damn this thread is about a FAMILY park! So is Galaxy World USA...
  13. ^I do not, but coaster radio recently released a podcast featuring a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"-style game show with some really challenging questions.
  14. Laura - you are getting old? After losing your memory you are going to start complaining about coasters being too rough. That'll be the day...I don't think there is any ride too rough for Laura.
  15. That sign has been there for a long time. Whipping the sails and snapping the cables are two different things. Whipping the sails is violently thrashing them from one side to another; this can cause damage to the sails. You can easily snap the cables without whipping the sails.
  16. You can still ride the old KI flying eagles at Carowinds! The operator encourages snapping, but they do run a pretty short cycle.
  17. Coasters with unrestricted airtime are becoming a dying breed. It's sad to hear people wishing to lose another one.
  18. ...your non-enthusiast friend just rode his 100th coaster.
  19. I've yet to successfully snap one of these new Larson models. The only flyers I've been able to snap are the ones at Carowinds and Knoebels.
  20. Don't be surprised if your butt is 6" off the boat during the first tunnel drop on Wildebeest...that's a common occurrence. Holding on is necessity if you're sitting in the front or back seat.
  21. On my drive home on Thursday, I had the chance to listen to episode 3 of the podcast. After it was over, I turned on the radio just in time to hear Nikki Sixx having a discussion about Keith Moon with his co-host. Under pressure also came on the radio shortly after.
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