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  1. The Banshee crew assigns seats but will honor requests. The only time I've seen them not honor a request is when the queue for the front starts blocking the main queue at the top of the stairs.
  2. Cedar Fair does not allow filming on any of their coasters, regardless of the mounting device. In fact, this is the policy at most corporate parks. To my knowledge, the Busch parks are the only ones that do (other than Disney, of course). If you try to take pictures or film on a coaster during an enthusiast event, Don has no qualms about escorting you out. (I've seen it happen.) As for the ClubTPR cards, I'm sure Robb and Elissa will get them out before the enthusiest events start up. They have some extra time this year since there weren't any coasterboy media events this year. P.S. Ho
  3. I would normally agree with you as I used to work as a supervisor on a coaster as well, but there was no hustle what so ever. It should not take 5 min to dispatch a train. We did not run into this situation on any other ride in the park. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt because it was opening day, but it's not looking good. Interesting...On Friday night the crew was flying, nearly hitting their mark every cycle. The difference is everyone there on Friday was a pass-holder who renewed before the end of last season and generally knew how to get on and off a ride.
  4. It appears that the Coney Mall sign has been removed. I wonder if it's gone for good.
  5. ^It's probably just employee training. The park opens to pass holders on Friday and the public on Saturday.
  6. I was talking to a few non-enthusiast people from Nashville about going to Beach Bend. They had never even heard of the place, but asked if I had been to Holiday World, telling me how much they loved the place. It's amazing what great marketing can do for a park. Compound that with exceptional guest service, and you get guests willing to drive from big cities to the middle of nowhere, and do it more than just once!
  7. There are 2 ticket options available: $44 with dinner $34 without dinner
  8. Club TPR members: I just saw this posting on Tickets at Work. It appears to be $44 for admission, dinner, and 6 hours of ERT! Private Party Admission: Friday, April 24, 2015 Valid for one Private Party Admission: Friday, April 24, 2015 - Adult/Child Private Party Includes the Following: • Exclusive ride time from 6pm-Midnight • Closed to the general public • Discounted Admission Ticket • FREE Parking after 5:00pm ($20 regular price) • Tickets valid all day, some come early and stay late! • Fully catered All-You-Can-Eat Buffet meal — available only w
  9. ...you're skiing with a non-enthusiast friend, "Ready to Go" starts playing, and she asks, "isn't this the song they play at Dragster?"
  10. On Sundays, the crowds tend to arrive later. If you're there at opening, you'll be one step ahead of the masses and not have to worry about long lines. Just hit FoF, Firehawk, and Diamondback early and you'll be fine.
  11. I'm happy to hear that they are planning to open this summer, and they actually have a professional website now!
  12. I agree with your point about cheap hotels- but they better be GOOD, quality hotels with a GOOD breakfast. I do not want to pay $130 for a hotel when I only spend one night. It's important that a theme park visitor gets a good night sleep and good breakfast before going on some heart-pounding rides! Santa's Lodge was only $80 a night for ClubTPR members last year.
  13. ^I tried to enter the season pass portal as well and had the same issue.
  14. 1. DVD 2. I ditched my Netflix account about a year and a half ago, when I got cable. 3. 2-3 DVDs per year (one of which is always Coasters in the Raw ) 4. No 5. I spend at least 5 hours a week on Youtube, but only sit down to watch a full movie on my TV a couple times a month.
  15. The Volare at Coney Island was bearable, i guess, but the one at Canada's Wonderland is decidedly the worst steel coaster I have ever ridden.
  16. There is nothing wrong with this video; there are just a lot of idiots who like to write comments on YouTube. I do wonder if there are also some people out there who post stupid comments for the sole purpose of agitating you. We'd all probably be be better off just ignoring YouTube comments all together; they're rotting our brains.
  17. ...you understand that the phrase "Have a Six Flags day" is synonymous with "Go F yourself."
  18. I would expect 2+ hour waits for Fire Hawk, Flight of Fear, Diamondback, and Beast anytime after 2 pm. Heck, even the Flight Deck had 30 minute waits in years past. That being said, you'd have less than 10 minute waits for everything with Fast Lane.
  19. ^Fridays are not very busy (summer weekday-like crowds). Saturdays during the Haunt are the busiest days of the year, with the only exception being opening day. Sundays are absolutely dead. Avoiding the scare zones wouldn't be too difficult, based on their locations this year, but watch out when you go to exit the park; those sliders will get you.
  20. The Bat should be open. In previous years, to make room for the Club Blood queue, the entrance was moved down closer to the ride, just past the Wolf Pack entrance.
  21. ^The park is usually dead on Sundays during the Haunt. Keep in mind the park closes at 7, so night rides won't be possible.
  22. While I do like green monkeys, I'd have to say I prefer orange iguanas.
  23. ^You might be a coaster nerd, if you've actually ridden that.
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