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  1. ...it took you a long time to figure out the what school SFA stood for, because your mind was clouded with Six Flags America.
  2. ^It's not; the "Pho" is for the crowd sourcing of 7000 photos for a mosaic.
  3. KI doesn't run any of its houses on Sundays; CP does. Sundays at KI really only consist of families with young children and a small number of die-hard passholders.
  4. How busy do Phantom Fright Nights tend to get on Saturdays? What sort of wait times do they see for the mazes and major coasters? I'm thinking about visiting the park next Saturday, but want to make sure that only 6 hours in the park is worth my drive. Thanks.
  5. Here were the waits I saw last Sunday (weather was 70 and sunny): Before 2 pm Fire Hawk 15 min Drop Tower 10 min Adventure Express 10 min Back Lot 5 min Flight of Fear 5 min Diamondback walk-on Beast walk-on Banshee walk-on Racer walk-on Vortex walk-on Windseeker walk-on After 2 pm Beast 25 min Diamondback 15 min Banshee 5 min Everything Else ??? My free fast lane really didn't make
  6. ...a coworker places bearings on your desk, and all you can think of is B&M footers.
  7. ^^My experience with labor laws was in New York. If anyone under 18 had a work day longer than 8.5 hours, he would require (2) half hour, unpaid breaks. Also, no one, of any age, could work for 6 consecutive hours without a half hour unpaid break. This would cause staffing issues at Seabreeze, late in the season. A few years ago the park started closing the entire water park an hour early, once colleges were back in session. In the mid-west, I'm sure the labor laws are a bit less ridiculous.
  8. This practice is actually very common among family-owned parks.They close the lines early out of respect for employees' time. Also, some states' labor laws place restrictions on the number of consecutive hours minors can work, so actually sending employees home at closing time (or 30 minutes after, more likely) can ease the scheduling process, especially late in the season, when most college students are back in school. That being said, as Holiday World continues to move into "big park" territory, they may want to consider adjusting this policy, as people have come to expect being able to step
  9. Does anyone know if there will be Fury morning ERT for pass holders this weekend? The website only has date listings through August.
  10. FoF used to have bins at the back of the loading station; you would be able to grab your bags by reentering that area through an access hallway, now used for Fast Lane. A long time ago, I remember operators carrying bags through to the the unloading station. Now, FoF, Back Lot, and the Bat all let you bring bags on the ride. It is fairly common for people to sneak bags into the Firehawk line. They tend to be less anal about inspecting every person before they get in the line than on Banshee. By the time you get to the station, it would slow down operations if the operators had to argue
  11. 1) I usually just leave my shirt, towel, and sandals on a lawn chair by the wave pool. (Lockers are also available near the front of the water park. 2) You'll have to look to someone else for lines this time of year, but here are some tips that will help regardless of the crowd levels. - Get to the park at least 30 min. before the posted park opening, as the Christmas section will open early. - If you don't mind walking a long distance, at a brisk pace, make the trek all the way back to Thunderbird first. (It's also the mildest of the 4 coasters.) - Ride some other rides in the thank
  12. Usually, everything but the water rides will operate during Haunt.
  13. FoF originally had 3 trains; the gutted train you spotted was probably the third.
  14. I actually got through the gate about 5 minutes after the walk-back, so I wasn't walking in a huge crowd. Even those on the first train of the day would have had to wait about an hour for a second ride. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I did not experience any line jumping for any ride during my visit. Goliath ensured this with the "boarding pass" tickets, but the other rides just had several large signs. Are bigger signs really the only things Cedar Point needs to prevent line jumping?
  15. Thank you to everyone who provided tips for conquering the park on a Saturday. They were very helpful. I had been to the park before (about 5 years ago), but I've been itching to get back ever since. This trip, I was able to pick up 4 new credits: Goliath, X-flight, American Eagle (Red), and Little Dipper. We pulled into the parking lot right at 9:30. There were no lines at the toll booths, but already a significant number of cars in the parking lot. It took about a half hour to get through the security and entrance lines. After a quick pit stop, we headed back to the already forming G
  16. The Brazenhead is only 5 minutes from the park and has 30 beers on tap! I've been meaning to check this place out, but somehow haven't got around to it yet. Head to Diamondback for ERT; you'll be able to get in about 5 rides before the park opens, and Banshee will only have a 10-15 minute wait after about 2 pm. When the park opens, head to FoF THEN Firehawk. Next head to Backlot, as that line will start getting long around 11 am. Beast's line will be pretty short until around mid-afternoon. Be sure to get a night ride on it!
  17. I will be visiting the park on Saturday (I know, it'll be packed) and have a few questions: 1. Do they let people through the gates before the listed 10:30 opening time? 2. Which path is faster to get back to Goliath, East Or West? 3. Does the park give out free cups of water (like the Cedar Fair parks do)? 4. What are the best places to eat lunch?
  18. ^FoF now allows you to keep bags at your feet (along with Backlot Stunt Coaster and the Bat).
  19. Even after a full day at Knoebels, with an ERT session at the end of the night, I still didn't feel like I had enough time there...and I never had to wait more than 15 minutes to ride anything.
  20. I will be visiting the park on Sunday with a non-enthusiast friend who does have a Platinum Pass. I know the walk-back for club members leaves from the marina gate at 8:50, but will the Marina gate open for pass holders at 9:00?
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