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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 267: Ice Breaker officially opens on February 18th, 2022!

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On 1/10/2022 at 10:13 PM, PKI Jizzman said:

They result in more ride time so I'm all for the back and forth. The miscalculation is the stupid comfort collars.

Yeah Im with ya, it adds ride length, and its not boring like a slow helix or just kinda meandering around, not sure what's not to like. (Though I think they made a similar comment about Pantheon so guess back and forth launching just aint their thing). Oof yeah...comfort collars, and for Ice Breaker, but not Pantheon...it's a choice XD

That said still looking forward to this ride, prob more than I should and will be gravely disappointed, but flights and tix booked...I'll be here in late Feb! Kind of excited, last went here when Kraken was the only ride. Excited to see if Mako and Manta live up to the hype

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When I went to the park the other day they had construction around the main entrance sign, this is why... 


Old entrance... 



I know they want to get away from having the Orcas be a main promotional part of the company and parks but even still the rocks really don't pop at all on the new entrance. 

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