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Best Drop Ride!!!

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4th is Drop Tower (cannot remember the name) at Terra Mitica


It's called "Flight of the Phoenix".


For me:


1- Mystery Castle, Phantasialand

2- The Hangman, Movie Park

3- Scream!, Heide Park

4- PNDOL, Tibidabo

5- Hurakan Condor, PortAventura

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I've been on:

-Intamin 1st gens

-2nd gens

-3rd gens


-Kemah's Drop Zone



-S&S Double shot

-S&S Combo

-S&S Space shot

-S&S Down shot

-Beech Bend's drop tower

-Coney Island's (OH) American

-Dreamworld's 420ft tall GIANT DROP

-Warner Bros Movie World Space Shot


I like the Tower of Terrors, Acrophobia, and Giant Drop the best.

The Combo tower at SFFT was VERY good, and much better than SFOT.

Kemah and Beech Bend's towers are those small, portable one...WOW.

Kings Island's 3rd gen drop tower is very good, always impressed with that.

Holiday World's double shot is VERY impressive, always ride that a few times.

Movie World Australia's Batman Space shot was a surprise, like a 200ft double shot.


I'm going to miss Demon Drop at CP...that ride put my stomach in my throat unlike any other drop ride!

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1) The Intamin Drop Tower at Six Flags Great America (that's the one in Chicago right?) - it was tall and that drop was insaaaane.

2) Tower of Terror at WDW - the theming really, really adds to it...I remember back when it just used to be one drop and it would still probably be my #2.

3) Dr. Doom's Fearfall - theming adds to it again, and I always get really good air at the top after the first launch.

4) Drop Zone at Carowinds (was that the right name?) - Love these kinds of drop towers, they scare me every time.

5) Demon Drop

6) Superman at SFoT - I liked the combo idea, and it is pretty tall too.

7) Power Tower (red)


The worst was probably the blue side of the Power Tower...it was kind of scary waiting for the drop but Demon Drop's smaller drop was way more exciting.

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I think I've said this before, but it must be restated. The A.R.M. drop rides are seriously the best I've ever been on. And that one one the last page a few posts down with the sweet lights is an A.R.M. For those of you that don't know, it's completely gravity based, no cord or anything on the actual car like S&S has and it drops (to me) faster than an Intamin does. These things seriously drop like a rock. If you've never ridden one some county fairs have them. The combination of the carnies operating it and the fear that they didn't set it up right should make you fear for your life in many ways. Go ride one. It will change your life.


But other than those, I thoroughly enjoy ToT at both Disney Studios and California Adventure (yes I have ridden both and I don't really think the California one is all that bad).

I also loved riding Double Shot at SCBB back when I was younger and that's probably one of the only S&S towers that's actually thrilling.

And a lot of the other ones that people have mentioned on the last page I love also.


Brandon "Go ride an A.R.M. drop tower, it will change your life" Tisor

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For me, my favorites would be


1. Tower of Terror @ WDW

2. Tower of Terror @ DLR

3. Drop Zone @ Kings Island

4. All other Intamin 2nd Generations

5. Mega Drop @ CA Traveling Fairs

6. Supreme Scream @ KBF

7. Freefall @ SFMM

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1) Tower of Terror (Disney's Hollywood Studios)


2) Drop Tower (Canada's Wonderland)


3) Sky Screamer (Marineland)

4) Dragon's Descent (Funtown U.S.A.)

5) Star Blaster (Canobie Lake Park)

6) Scream! (SFNE)

7) Dr. Doom's Fear Fall (Islands of Adventure)

8) Pile Driver (Niagara)

9) Sasquatch (The Great Escape)

10) Double Shot (Rye Playland)

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Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, NV. Keep in mind it's on TOP of the tower, which means it's 1081 feet tall. I don't know about any of you, but strapping yourself into a ride when you're at least 900 feet off the ground is kind of a scary/difficult task.


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Drop rides are the only rides that scare me to the edge of death and I can only go on them when someone I'm with begs. My first was Free Fall at SFMM, I know it doesn't sound like much but I was probably 8 at the time.


Most recently I've been avoiding them until my brother Cody convinced me to go on Supreme Scream at KBF and I screamed his ear off. Still enjoyed it, but doubt I'd do it again, had bruises on the insides of my arms from gripping the restraints so tight.

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