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  1. ..........Argghhhhhhhhhhh, i hate rollercoasters!!!!!...........
  2. New Netcot episode online! Hong Kong Disney but sadly no audio. Hopefully more coming soon. P.S. Thanks for all the replies i listened to a few of your suggestions and liked them....sooo....thanks and ROCK ON!
  3. This is a picture of me in front of the rusty (but sexy) Vekoma Corkcrew coaster at Flamingoland, UK! Bellhop - "I FRICKIN LOVE CORKSCREW" - 96
  4. I am getting a Club TPR membership for christmas from my Aunt. Can't wait, it sounds so cool!
  5. Thanks, i will try them! p.s. Van has been recording a new netcot episode this week!
  6. Nerds are Dorks but geeks get it done! Spread the word!
  7. Hi, i am a huge fan of the Netcot Podcast by Kevin Hansen (Van Netcot) I was wondering iff anyone else listened to it or other Disney Podcasts and had and recommendations or opinions on them. What is your favourite Netcot episode? Favourite Song? Quote? and so on...... Go Ahead.... Post! Bellhop - "I LOVE NETCOT AND RELATED DISNEY PODCASTS" - 96
  8. I am in my senior school school band playing the Clarinet. I also play Guitar, Drums and Vocals in my own band which my best friend and i have formed. It's called "EAR PROTECTION MUST BE WORN" Stephen - Anyone like Lasagne Meatballs? - Hamilton
  9. Thanks Tezee and Tiger 01! Guns N Roses are my favourite band by far, with Iron Maiden drawing close in behind. Oh and sorry for the rubbishy captions, my pictures were not that funny!
  10. Sorry everyone for offending you with a picture. It was not me who made it a world record!
  11. I am not sure. Whenever i was at Blackpool Pleasure Beach it was ALWAYS closed. It lookes untouched so i would guess it lies dormant inside that "crater" or whatever it is!
  12. It was, i just went on them anyway! the Lost River Ride stops half way through for like 5 minutes,everyone was shivering!
  13. Its a Small World - Magic Kingdomハ ハ The potential for disaster at Its A Small World makes for a highly combustible situation. Someone could easily jump in the water head first in an attempt to drown themselves, or they could stand up and open fire on every prop, person or audio animatronic within sight in a futile attempt to make that frickin' song stop! I got this from the Netcot Podcast it's great! And the above could easily happen!
  14. It has been all over the country and was apparently in storage for the past two years. It operated in- Trentham as 4 Man Bob Alton Towers as 4 Man Bob Pleasure Island Family Theme Park as Four Man Bob Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo as Flying Trapeze Grove Land as Thunderbolt Loudoun Castle as Gold Rush
  15. Thanks, I got there. Took me awhile to do though. It's the Flamingoland Trip Report. Check it out!
  16. These are a few photos of GOLDRUSH at Loudon Castle which i took on my last visit. I serve this as my tribute to the park. Please comment, thanks. R.I.P. Loudon.
  17. This weekend (October 15th 2010) i visited Flamingoland in Malton, North Yorkshire UK. I live in Scotland and was visiting my Aunty and Uncle who live in Newcastle and we decided to visit Flamingoland for the day. The Park was not very busy and there were hardly any queues all day! All major rides were open ( Velocity, Kumali, Wild Mouse, Lost River Ride, Mumbo Jumbo and Flip Flop) Corkscrew was closed in the morning but opened aroun 2 pm. We simply made our way around the park hitting as many rides as we could. Our only dilema was a technical problem on Mumbo Jumbo (The newish S&S El Loco coaster at the park) We had been queuing for a while and just before we reached the front of the queue the ride op's decided to add a third car to the track. In doing so (manually) they jammed some kind of bolt in the track and had to call the senior dudes to come and review the situation........ 15 minutes on and we were away! it is a great addition to the park and has some....well....interesting features. So in no particular order here is my Picture Report- The park entrance logo. Nothing more-Nothing less. KUMALI from a distance! Flamingoland has a very bad 4D "ride" which is themed around Spongebob and comes with the very annoying but catchy themetune. Flip-Flop is the parks Frisbee ride. It is very oddly themed- a swinging disc going through a yellow house atop a lake with a model shark, mines and funnels in it! The Lost River Ride which comes with a free shower! Corkscrew. This classic Vekoma comes free with a sore head! Saving the moment! Me infront of Corkscrew. The Cliff Hanger! This is a nice ride with a nice view! After a gentle rain shower i got this shot of the "splosh" area of the park. I think Bullet used to be around this area. And the star attraction- MUMBO JUMBO (s&s El Loco coaster! It's a record breaker! Twisty! The record breaking first drop! Side Elevation. This thing is brutal but great! My best shot and my desktop wallpaper! Feel free to make it yours! The final stretch and extra car. Geek Shot! I am front left! just about to be inverted and throttled towards the ground! Velocity's twistied Vekoma layout! With train. Cheesy! I had a great day at Flamingoland and hope that you have enjoyed viewing my report, Please comment! thanks. This coaster wasn't very busy. That however did not surpirise me!
  18. Hi, Just been to Flamingoland, UK yesterday and got some great pictures of Mumbo Jumbo and other rides there. I don't know how to do a trip report and would like to, Are there instructions somewhere else on the site? thanks.
  19. I thought this was a site to share opinions and having convorsations. I gues i was wrong.
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