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  1. I'm not a big fan of the inline-twist. It feels too 'RCT' to me. I also don't like the slow roll transition of the zero-g roll. The feeling of being whipped through an inversion while floating is great.
  2. Here we go. EDIT: I don't know why it posted two... C:\Users\Jon\Pictures\2013-01-05\My.jpg
  3. It's not every day you see a flat ride that would stretch the diameter of the park if it were turned horizantally...
  4. It looks like the train will go right into the brakes after the tunnel. Kind of disapointing, but expected...
  5. One train operation doesn't seem to have the highest capacity potential. I know that in American parks, 1 train operation makes the line a lot longer.
  6. It's wierd because the pictures above make Au13 look like it belongs on the periodic table. Gold is Au, but the 13th element is aluminium. I wonder if that means anything.
  7. Better safe than sorry. Suppose train 1 is in the station, train 2 is going up the hill, and train 3 is on the course. Train 2 is about half way up the lift hill when train 3 passes the MCBR. Without it train 2 would have to stop on the lift hill until train 3 hits the final brakes. It's just more effective to have an MCBR than rush to get the trains out of the station so there isn't stacking.
  8. Cedar Point seems to be going for quality, not quantity now- which is a good thing.
  9. It's to ensure there can be 3 trains on the track at once. A train can only clear the lift hill if the train infront of it has cleared a brake section so if there were a roll back after the brake, the trains won't crash.
  10. I don't know how many of you all lhave been on a coaster with topper track, but it makes it feel like a steel coaster. I don't feel any 'wooden coaster feel' on the sections of Cyclone that have it. The majority of the rails are wood, I'm calling it wood.
  11. Anyone else notice the small difference in track angle on the left rail between the two rolls?
  12. Building over other rides would be difficult because of how compact every ride is. People often suggest SFNE goes the Hershey method and build over other rides, but everying is too compact. My dream for SFNE is they sell Flashback, get a log flume to put in Kidzopilis, get rid of Kidzopilis and bring back the wooded themed area, and bring Superman back.
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