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Best Drop Ride!!!

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I am going to have to vote with Justin on that one, ToT, Florida. However, despite my inital fear...I was left holding the "parent swap" pass at Cedar Point when the rest of the family chose the "going up" side of Power Tower. When my turn came I was basically petrified and kept asking if I couldn't just hop over the drop side, but I was glad I didn't. Getting blasted up the side of that tower, and at night with all the lights, was pretty cool!



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Giant Drop at Dreamworld in Australia is an awesome ride, and very tall. But I am afraid to see I still think Tower of Terror at Disneyworld is my favorite drop ride.


Now, although not technically a drop ride, I do have a soft spot for "The Big Shot" at the Stratosphere. And I still remember going on the Supreme Scream in 1998 for the first time and getting cramps in my forearms cause I was holding on so tight! LOL

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^^ Does it count if I've ridden Scream when it was an observation tower? :mrgreen:


--Robb "Who is REALLY looking forward to that!" Alvey


Yes Robb,

the last time you visited Heide Park, Scream was an observation tower? But now it is the highest Giro Drop Tower (110 meter) worldwide. I like the tower so much, and I think Elissa will like it, too.



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I did always think it was kind of odd how that park had 2 of everything! Two observation towers, Two...damn, I do'nt even remember now, but I remember they had multiples of rides!


Yea, I know they had a lot of attractions 2 times or more in the park. But they had changed some attractions, like the two observation towers (now one of them is Scream, hell yeah) and that is what I like.



Elissa "hopefully will be there 24 June!" Alvey


Then I will be there. 8)



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I found out on the Marineland website that the Sky Screamer is a 350/foot tall drop and blaster with three towers stuck on a 100/foot man made mountain. That Dragon Mountain coaster stuck on that other man made mountain was at one time the tallest & longest coaster back in the late 80's. It has a 186/foot lift hill with four loops and three tunnels. I just wish they would build more coasters at that theme park.

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