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Best Drop Ride!!!

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^ Ooh! What kind of a drop ride is that?


--Robb "Who's thinking there will probably be a lot of surprised for us at this park." Alvey


Some kind of intamin thing. I was suprised myself when the ride was over


It actually has 8 seperated "towers". On each tower there is a coach with i think about 8 seats next to eachother. It lifts you up and dangles a bit at the top, with some nice strobo effects and stuff The drop is not very intens but it sure is impressive

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I can't decide between Scream and Mystery Castle. I love Scream's on ride soundtrack. It also seemed to stop further down the tower than other gyro drops. As for Mystery Castle. I absolutely had a blast on it. I rode it multiple times. I noticed that the different towers had different programs. My favorite felt like it was a turbo drop. It is so cool watching the other towers drop while your still up at the top.

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For me it has to be Scream at Heide Park also. A fantastic ride IMO.

I had about 6 rides on it - all in one go, the ride was so empty I just stayed on and did not even unbuckle my restraint!


Mystery Castle in Phantasialand is very good too & very well themed.

It's more a launched upwards ride rather than a drop tower tho.


I will not say anymore & it will not spoil the ride for Robb & Elissa.


Robb, Elissa, are you going to Hansa Park as part of european trip? As they have the worse drop tower I've been on


Drop Tower & Wild Mouse coaster at Hansa Park


Scream & Schweizer Bobbahn

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I really don't know about this one. I really love Detonator at Thorpe Park. That ride rocks however after you have ridden it like 100 times it starts to feel a bit tame. Apocalypse at Drayton is also very good. The sit down side is very tame compared to Detonator but the stand up side and floorless sides are awsome. And then there is Mystery Castle which is just plain amazing! I jsut can't choose! :lol

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Detonator at thorpe park doesn't look too intense but it really does give you a kick up the arse



That being said i need to get on more drop towers. My drop tower count is current 3 with detonator, apocalypse at drayton and um....the 3ounce at oakwood.

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Ahhh, a moser kiddie drop if i'm not mistaken. I rode one of them at Luna Park Melbourne (australia) about fifteen times because I was getting lonely without my Giant Drop down at Dreamworld.


Okay, before you ask "who the hell is this guy?" my name is ben, or Slick, as the australian community knows me. Basically I've seen all TPR's videos since the cedar point video you guys have done and I must say you guys certainly know how to make a day out of anything, even if it is Matterhorn Express :o (ugh, lucky we don't have any togo coasters down here in oz).


As the australian community knows, I'm about to launch a revolutionary new Australian website called DreamNova.com . It'll have thousands of high quality photos, music videos, and on-ride videos of say the Giant Drop that dreamworld allowed me to take recently when they gave me a media pass. 8)


But yeah, Dreamworld is definitely my home. I've beeen absolutely everywhere bar inside the Dreamworld Tower.


Well anyway, look forward to becoming a life-long member here, and so, I'll return to the topic now!


For anyone interested, the actual Dreamworld tower is 420 feet (120 metres) tall and the Giant Drop is something around the 400 feet mark. It does 135.5 k/ph, and basically i have no friekin idea what that is in miles.


Also, just like STE, the Tower Of Terror is constantly experiencing e-brakes and never works. But, stay tuned and I'll keep you informed about future experimental projects that they will be doing on the tower :o .


Well anyway, here are some photos, and Robb, give me a PM or add me to your messenger list. I'd be definitely interested to talk some random stuff soon.


PS:the tower of terror is utterly awesome when it does 162 kilometres as I experience when they gave me my media pass (that's 101 miles for those not into the whole converting in their head thing).



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Ahhh, a moser kiddie drop if i'm not mistaken. I rode one of them at Luna Park Melbourne (australia) about fifteen times because I was getting lonely without my Giant Drop down at Dreamworld.




I could only take it once, thank god I packed extra underwear

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