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  1. The towers are haunted. Hex has had many unexplained shutdowns. Also, Hex is based on a local legand. The tree it is based around can be found in the actrual village of Alton and if you ask around locals will probably give you directions. The park however recreated their own version of the tree in the parks grounds. Apparently they then found out about the real tree.
  2. No, it's the start of the worlds tallest and steepest escalator.
  3. http://picasaweb.google.com/jonathanhucks My photos can all be found there
  4. I highly recommend you take his address, phone number and email address from that post or else he might get pretty angry if he gets hundreds of emails, letters and phone calls from people asking about the company and rides.
  5. Um... Yes it does have an off season. In and around the winter months it is the off season. Sure, the park isn't closed however it has reduced opening hours, opening mainly on weekends/public holidays and the ride availability goes down.
  6. To anyone that has ridden BM, what happens between the station and the lift hill? I heard a while back it would have a little preshow in there but I havn't heard anything of it.
  7. They were removed for offseason maintance. It is perfectly safe and happenes every offseason. And if you don't like the park, why visit? You can see from the website their ride selection isn't massive. Or why not just pay per ride instead of getting a wristband? And go after 6pm and get wristbands half price.
  8. I think it's good. The park is well run and has a good selection of rides and just because it doesn't have large rides doesn't mean it's boring. I have had many good trips there. The coasters are all pretty fun and the rides are great to go on with mates. If they get the Eurofighter it will seriously rock because it will bring more people to the park and then hopefully mean they will be able to get more big rides. And £19 for a wristband is only that during the middle of summer and to be honest it is well worth it. You get unlimited rides on anything, except the go carts, all day and with AI you aren't restricted to staying in the park. You can wonder off down the peir, go to some arcades, get fish and chips, walk down by the sea, go on the beach and then return to go on the rides again.
  9. Last concert I saw was Trivium's last night in Britain end of concert secret gig at Islington Academy. They played under the name Ember and The Inferno's and came out wearing wigs and stuff. Was pretty damn amazing and was only made better by them playing a acustic set in the middle of the show. Can't wait to see them again, hopefully at Download. And the next gig I'm going to is Hard-Fi playing at Brixton. Saw them last time at a tiny tiny venue, shows how far they have come really in less than half a year. Can't wait to see them, will be very very cool.
  10. Yeh, I own a record played. My dad has loads of old vinyls however I buy new ones. Since Christmas, when I first got the record player, I've been slowly building up my collection. It's just a shame that rock/metal vinyls are so hard to come by. My collection so far is: Iron Maiden - Death On The Road LP Hard-Fi - Stars Of CCTV LP The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell And Back LP Coldplay - X&Y LP Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath LP Hard-Fi - Cash Machine 7" Hard-Fi - Limited Edition Signed Better Do Better 7" Hard-Fi - Limited Edition Signed Better Do Better Square 7" Roadrunner United - The All Star Sessions LP It's only a small collection but I'm slowly building it up.
  11. The stops, which are infact blck breaks, won't be going anywhere. Without those it would go down from 5 trains ruining at once to two trains. It would impact capacity way to much to ever become a good change. And X could have been good, it's just it's budget got cut a hell of a lot so they had to do the best they could with what they had.
  12. A retheme is on the cards for next year along with Flying Fish coming back. Currently we are led to beileve from a very reliable source that X will have its trains turned forwards and it will be rethemed to a lost mine train.
  13. They have a height restriction because the coucil say so. Theirs nothing Thorpe can do about it and does it really matter. Just because a ride is tall doesn't mean it is always better. Detonator is 115ft high and alot of people say it provides a better ride than towers like Apocalypse that is 200ft high. Also the restriction is there because Thorpe is right under the flight path going into Heathrow. Tidal Wave was shut because, as Toby said, it needed a new chain which it now has and is open. And you say the trains arn't in fitting with the Amity area. They are designed to look like the style of cars from that era. Compare the front of this 1950's Cadillac to the front of the Stealth trains. Real Car Stealth Car
  14. The front view makes it look like a prison. I like the side angle view though.
  15. It is just a sim that someone made before Slammer was even built and planning permission granted. It was one of these "wouldn't it be cool if" sims.
  16. Thanks for the comments guys and I definatly recommend the Vault to anyone if you are in central London. Even if you arn't a massive music fan it is pretty amazing to be in a room with so many cool, priceless music memorabilia. And getting to touch and hold some of it is even cooler. And it's free.
  17. First Random trip report, but it's my first photo trip report aswell, but anyway, I hope I will be able to get over how cool the trip was through the photos and shizzle. I have hosted the pics on my site cause they are quite large etc. I'll let the pics do the talking and I hope you enjoy it! The images are quite high res cause I can't be assed to compress them. But bear with it! Don't recommend for 56KB people though. But meh, enjoy! First stop of the day. The Apple shop. Was kinda boring in there. The demonstration upstairs kinda sucked and was very very basic Photoshop. So we got the camera out and did the fan boy classic, a group photo. The lights on Regent Street were look nice, much better at night though! Then back on the Tube to go accross to the Hard Rock Vault. Michael looks so excited! However Mike and Jon look way more excited. What a happy couple! The Hard Rock Vault is a high security vault underneath the Hard Rock Cafe shop and it contains classic and priceless memorabilia from the history of rock. They have original handwritten lyrics by John Lennon, his glasses, tea set. Loads of Hendrix stuff, loads of guitars etc. It really is worth a look and best of all. It's free! And you can touch or hold anything! It rocks! Some stuff of John Lennons Guitar's and shizzle. I think in this pic you can see, Hendrix's guitar, Bob Dylans, Les Pauls and loads more More guitars... Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar. I want it so much! And I got to hold it, lovely guitar. Note his initials on the fretboard and he signed it. Blues section. Note BB King's guitar and the guitars made from metal that are used to play with a slide. Me holding SRV's guitar. Let the blues never die! Me holding Hendrix's £3 Million guitar. The most expensive guitar in the world. It's sweet! Then we went over to the fair. Most rides were £2.50 each with rocked. There afterburner kicked Vortex ass so much. Just shows how crap Thorpe run Vortex. Seriously, this one gave every seat the top seat every time. It rocked! Crazy mouse was pretty cool. Was funny more than anything. And the booster was cool. I prefer the Fabbri version for some reason but it still rocked. Worth £5. Great views from the top. Only one pic from the fair: Booster TBH Then, back onto the underground again to make our way to get some food in Leicster Square. Mike and Jon look so happy to be back on the Underground again! After food at McDonalds which has CCTV cameras in the toilets and a screen outside in the eating bit so we can watched people in the toilets, we went over to play THE DRUM GAME! You kit that artifical drum Michael! Then in HMV we found THIS! Who in their right mind would buy it??? Then back accross the road to Virgin. But look at the lights! But look who has to spoil it! ARGH! It's the attack of Michen Chivers! After that we went on the DLR for a bit cause I had never been on it. It was very cool. We got our last group picture taken by some tourist person outside a cool statue at Tower Hill. Oooooooh, GROUP PIC!!111one And that was it. Overall it was spiffy day out! Hope you enjoyed the trip report.
  18. Top three: Trivium : Ascendancy Hard Fi : Stars Of CCTV Roadrunner Records : Roadrunner United
  19. Hard-Fi Cambridge, November 05. It was one amazing gig.
  20. In reply to Wally, what law is the forum going under, is it just American law or international, depending on where the post is being made? Because I know in Britain I may not be allowed to buy beer, but I am able to consume it in my house if I have my parents consent, which I do have, so even because of this does this mean I can't/shouldn't post in this topic because if I did this in America it would be illegal? Or am I just replying to the wrong thing, making a totally confusing mess...
  21. Just out of interest, my favourite beer at the moment is Leffe Blonde. Anyone else heard/tryed this beer?
  22. Am I the only person that thinks that the ride jsut wasn't designed well? Seriously, it must of cost Universal quite a bit to build and most of taken up some of the budget for that area. The thing that I don't understand is how ti got past planning stage and how it got off the drawing board. It seems to me that Unbviersal didn't design it very well and it really has cost them moneyt hat could have been spent elsewhere.
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