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  1. Some of the best on-ride video's i've seen. Was well worth the time it took to download them. Great work.
  2. Thorpe park have finished putting up their new entrance-made out of (what probably is) Intamin track. New Entrance Pictures
  3. You lucky sods Nice pictures, look foward to seeing the rest
  4. Parklife is pretty boring really, but worth a look. Haven't seen the blackpool series, but i've heard it's quite good.
  5. Yeah, food is pretty rubbish, and this is coming from someone in college. All of the more healthy stuff is alot more expensive. Nearly £4 for a sandwhich. Don't like Oliver alot though. Ever since this aired, he's gone up his own arse alot.
  6. http://www.myspace.com/mrcjw
  7. There was a much much worse interactive shockwave video for colossus. Seriously, words can't describe it. http://www.semantic.co.uk/laboratory/3d_modeling/3d_modeling.asp
  8. Last year, there was a whole lot of wasps in the uk, the parks were absolutely full of them. I got attacked by one at alton and one starting chasing me at oakwood. Madness!
  9. 4th dimension is fantastic, nice to see a unique approach to coaster videos
  10. I'm 16 and my first ride was Rattlesnake (A wild mouse) in the UK at chessington world of adventures in 2002. I'm pretty new compared to some http://www.rcdb.com/ig785.htm
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