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  1. Thanks I wasn't 100% sure. Does the spinning raft ride's lift at Hansa still play the IOA theme music? Jonathan
  2. Thanks for the great Trip Reports! The Scandi parks look amazing. Can't wait to go in 2007. I believe the Metroliner is a Schwarzkopf Bayern Curve 2. I still prefer the original. Jonathan
  3. ANTI-SNAPPING DEVICE!!! Please do explain thanks. I hope they still snap like they did at PKI. I'll be down there next weekend. I hope that I am not disappointed. Jonathan
  4. So far here are our trips. We're still not sure of our March and April trips. May 7 Dorney/??? May 13-15 Ace Spring Con. Lake Winnie & Dollywood May 19th PKI media day Memorial weekend possibly La Ronde's and The Great Escape June 4th Rip Roaring Rampage @ Visionland June 17&18 Timbersfest & Birthday Bash @ Indiana Beach July 4th weekend- Wisconsin Dells & SF Great America July 9-12 Las Vegas (getting married) July 29-31 Ace Preservation Con. Utah August ? September possibly the northwest parks Oct. Phun Phest of course!!! No major trips this year. Just alot of little parks. Our next major trip is the Scandinavian countries. Either in 2006 on our own or in 2007 with the ECC.
  5. Northeastern Ohio is my home. Cedar Point - 1.5 hours Geauga Lake - 20 min. Kennywood - 2 hours 8) Not a bad location to reside from.
  6. I can't decide between Scream and Mystery Castle. I love Scream's on ride soundtrack. It also seemed to stop further down the tower than other gyro drops. As for Mystery Castle. I absolutely had a blast on it. I rode it multiple times. I noticed that the different towers had different programs. My favorite felt like it was a turbo drop. It is so cool watching the other towers drop while your still up at the top.
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