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Best Drop Ride!!!

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So Tower of Terror...not even a contest.


I've been on several, and would have to say that Walt Disney World's is by far the best. There is a TPR dude that had a wicked new design for one, where the plotline is that the hotel was built on an ancient burial site of something, (somehow the witch hunts were tied into it).


So next, you go up and see a ballroom suddenly collapse from weak foundation, and you fall down a story or two with it, revealing the burial chamber. Next you get shot up and proceed witht he normal drop/launch sequences.


The art he did of the tower is INSANE. It's so good, I just can't even describe it. But half of the hotel has literally cracked off, and just fallen down about two hotel-size stories.

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My favorite drop ride would be Big Shot at the stratosphere tower in Las Vegas. The drop might not be the longest, but seeing all of Las Vegas from such a height makes it the bomb!


The tall point is the actually ride!

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The only freefalling ride I've ridden was demon drop at cedar point. I'll go on any roller coaster, but that really caught me by surprise and gave me a whole different feeling I didn't really like. I'm going to SFKK in a few weeks and I'm excited /nervous about hellevator. Maybe I'll get used to drop rides. I used to be scared of roller coasters...

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Yeah, I had been on every ride at Knott's besides Supreme Scream since Silver Bullet opened, and I finally went on it, but I'm still reluctant to go on it, or any other drop ride for that matter.


It's just that when you are going up, you think "Hey, this isn't that bad!", and then you look up and realize that you're only half way there. That's when I get scared.


Same thing happened at SFMM when I went on Freefall. I didn't expect it to be such an amzing experience. I got to the top, and the car went forward, and then I realized that we were wayyy higher than I would have wanted it. And then, for some strange reason, I stopped thinking "It's gonna drop!", and instead I started wondering how the car can transfer tracks from forward to down like it does. And then it dropped, which caught me by total surprise. Damn, that was fun. That's the reason I love the ride so much... it's an unexpected feeling I can't get from any other ride in the park, unlike most of the rollercoasters.

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