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  1. I read over at Screamscape this article... is Knott's getting a new coaster? www.screamscape.com/html/knott_s_berry_farm.htm I'd hate to see Bigfoot Rapids and the Mystery Lodge go.
  2. Pretty sure that ABC picked Liseberg because not many people in the USA know about it. It's cooler to go "exotic". After all, it is "almost German or something".
  3. I went Friday the 27th, the longest line we waited in was the Asylum maze. That was a whopping 25 mins long. [: Jurassic Park in the Dark was the highlight of the night, right after the Terror Tram, which kinda sucked because I had a terrible case of scarers going after the people right in front of me. And they stop suddenly, and you bump into them, people get pissed, and everyone just keeps waddling through. That House of Horrors thing was pathetic, why didn't they just stick with the Van Helsing maze? Overall it was pretty great. I think they need a little more practice in this park to do their own thing, as opposed to following USF.
  4. That makes sense. Just a wild guess: Psyclone and Déjà Vu=closed.
  5. Those new trains sure are snazzy. Are they permanent? I haven't been to SFMM in a while.
  6. I can't wait to see the main character in the movie talk in crescendo-diminuendo mode. This is going to be the greatest movie everto hit theaters we hope youenjoy it 'cause that'd be cool.Oh yeah. Own that. http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail104.html Wait until he talks about his old tour business. Towards the end.
  7. Which do you think would be more crowded, Friday the 13th, or Saturday the 14th?
  8. I was thinking of going to the DCA scare thing, but I think it will end up being just another day at DCA with kids in costumes. Knott's: the 8th. Universal: The 14th. Yup.
  9. Meh... I've ridden both and a combo tower, but I have never ridden a Turbo Drop, unless you count ToT at Disneyland's CA Adventure (-1.3 Gs! [ Anyway, I prefer Drop Towers. The anticipation is like no other. On a Space Shot, all of the suspense is at the bottom, which isn't very amazing. Freefall gets my vote. Combo towers are just stupid. They aren't very fun. Or at least the one at Adventuredome isn't.
  10. I just saw FD3 yesterday, so before that I didn't quite get it.
  11. I'm really glad they are selling all six parks as a package so some real estate owner in Valencia wouldn't just pick it off to blanket it with homes. It's also too bad Six Flags put these up right after Cedar Fair bought Paramount. I'm sure everyone will be running to SFMM and the other properties for one last trip before it closes and attendance will skyrocket.
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