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  1. poor pluto, someone get him a tissue and a tub of ben and jerry's. lol, i really couldn't care less.
  2. the least crowded day i've been on is Sunday. Riddler's and Batman and Goliath were walk ons all day.
  3. I finally was able to have my cousin go with me yesterday. His girlfriend loosened up her grip on him just enough for me to yank him from under her. haha. anyway We got there around 10:45 and headed straight for the first ride of the day: TATSU The line for TATSU was about down a little past the roaring rapids. We decided to wait though. i freakin knew that i still wouldn't fit on it. but he would, and it would be his first time on it. The line moved fast and we got up to the station within an hour. unfortunatly, station 2 was having technical difficultys. so him and i decided to wait
  4. Corkscrew at Playland (part of the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada) A lot of it was special effects and computer generation, so don't get too excited. i know where im going during my next vacation
  5. it still would of happened. remember. the track was messed up.
  6. AXE sucks, its all about TAG.
  7. last horror movie i saw: The Descent. (Saw 3 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beggining looks awsome too!) the best horror movie that i've ever seen though is The Grudge. that movie tramatized me.
  8. what roller coaster did they use in the movie? i'd like to ride it!
  9. well, im going tomorrow, so i'll try to get some pictures of whats going on.
  10. meh, they're probably just making a new sign. or renaming it? I heard that it was only closed because it made it hard to hear for the lifegaurds. so maybe they'll relocate it to somewhere else in the park? I've never been on this one. They cant close it! they just cant!
  11. When is Freefall gonna reopen? When is Orient Express gonna reopen? When is Flashback gonna reopen? if ever? I WANT MY CREDIT FOR IT!! lol
  12. well, it wasn't really in an amusment park, but there was a haunted house that came to my town last year called the circus of screams. It scared the shit out of me. i almost peed my pants. and i worked in it. http://www.thouandoakshaunt.com
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