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Best Drop Ride!!!

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Been on:

-Tower of Terror (WDW)

-Power Tower: Space Shot

-Power Tower: Turbo Drop

-Drop Zone (KI)

-Drop Zone (Carowinds)

-Scream Machine (Cinci. Coney Island)




1. Tower Of Terror

2. Drop Zone (KI)

3. Drop Zone (Carowinds)

4. Space Shot

5. Turbo Drop

6. Scream Machine

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The ones I have been on:


Wildcatter - Intamin @ over Texas

Superman: Tower of Power - S&S @ over Texas

Taz's New York Adventure - SBF Visa @ over Texas

Tower of Doom - Intamin @ Elitch Gardens


Order of Favorites



Tower of Doom

Taz's New York Adventure

Superman: Tower of Power

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I just looked through the photos and saw I didn't post so I guess its time to post...



1) StarBlaster- S&S- Canobie Lake Park. Well since it is a tower, I will count it. I loved this ride! The launch was intense and the airtime was insane! By far, the best tower ride I have ridden even though it is a mere 80 ft!


2) Drop Zone- ARM Small Model?- Palace Playland. The only "true" drop tower I have ridden, I liked it alot. It was very small, only about 50ft tall, but it had a lot of sudden drops and pops of airtime! Another good tower ride!


3) Freefall- Huss (YES HUSS!)- Funderland Fair, Dublin. I was in Ireland and I asked my cousin to take me there. Sadly, we was a wimp so he didn't ride with me. Anyways, despite the name, it hardly freefalled. I love all tower rides and I loved this one as well, but it hardly did anything. It went up 140ft and gave a good view, but it had no airtime or forces. Like other Huss Towers (From Reviews), this one felt controlled and had a boring 5 minute cycle.


1. The Awesome StarBlaster!

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Well i still have a knack for the 1st gen intamin drops!!! There is something about the roughness that keeps me riding!


A little off topic, but does anyone know of a website that is a database for flatrides along the lines of RCDB? I have always tried to find one but with no luck.

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Big Shot at Stratosphere was pretty scary. But it is not so much the ride than the location where it is built on.


So I would have to go with Hurakan Condor at Port Aventura in Spain. Good height and nice theming....


After the ride. All relieved with a nice, cold drink...


Onride. My buddy Andy in the red shirt doesn't really like droprides ;-)


Its "highness" - Hurakan Condor

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My favrite is the supreme scream at the puyallup fair, Washington. It shoots you first and drops, then it slowly brings you to the top and holds you there then drops again.


(from coasterglobe)

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Liberty Launch.

Thats probably the worst drop tower outside of Martin's Fantasy Island, in my opinion of course...



A year later and with several new drop tower "credits", I still say...

Tower of Terror and Acrophobia for me.


I don't really like drop towers.

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