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  1. Drink energy drinks, should help. Or you could always take a walk when you're feeling that you're about to fall asleep. A cold shower would be somewhat like an alarmclock aswell.
  2. All It Takes for Your Dreams to Come True - A Skylit Drive
  3. I haven't picked any of the choices (yet) because well... I've got most of them, heh. <: So well, my piercings are; Both nipples Tounge Two on the same side of the lip (venombite) One horizontal in each eyebrow One earl (between the eyes) Septum (the bull ring) One 20mm stretched earlobe in both ears (how much that is in gauge and such, I don't know). Got my first one (the tounge) when I was about 15 years old... So, all in all... 11 so far. I'm planning to get at least 9 more, everyone well planned. And those are; Both cheeks Venombite on the other side of the lip Normal labret (in the middle of the lip) Lowbret (underneath the normal labret) Medusa (upper lip, in the middle) Lower side of the navel Atleast one Lorum. I've also got a tattoo, and I'm planning on getting many more... Though, that doesn't belong to this thread. <:
  4. Umm, yeah... My fail attempt of an HDR picture. And an overedited picture of a leaf. But I kinda like it anyway.
  5. Miyavi - Ame ni utaeba ~pichupichuchuppucha plan rain blues ~
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