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  1. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone on the forum plans on being at the park this coming Saturday, May 5th? I will be over in Denmark for a work trip and was thinking of heading to Liseberg for the first time. I don't mind going by myself, but figured I would see if anyone else on here is around to join me/show me around the park?
  2. These are awesome pictures, AJ. Would be a sick experience I'm sure!
  3. I can't even begin to estimate the amount of work you put into this! Such an amazing job.
  4. It's been three years since my last PTR (school took over my life there for a bit) but I found something that I really felt the need to share, so here I am. To give you some of a background as to why I was in Lanzhou: I was doing a cultural exchange at the university there for a month through my university back home. It was an awesome experience. I loved China and I even grew to love Lanzhou. It may be one of the most polluted cities in China, but we must have been there for a good season because I would say it was sunny about half the time. Obviously, it wasn't one of their good days when
  5. Finally, I have a couple pictures of the local area around Estes. I know there's no theme park included in them but I didn't want to create another thread for the same trip. A lot of the pictures are from Rocky Mountain National Park; what a beautiful place. I had a great time exploring and running a lot of the trails there. I definitely recommend spending some time exploring it yourself! If you're planning a trip to Elitch's or anything, it wouldn't be a bad idea to add a couple days on and spend some time up in Estes. I had a great time and can't wait to go back. Hope you enjoyed the who
  6. Jeremie - I'm not sure what's up with the rapids. I did leave before 1 o'clock so maybe they got it open later in the day? It seemed like they should have had it up before then if it was working... considering it was 100 DEGREES! Anyways, Sorry it took so long to get to the rest of the TR. Been super busy with work this week but here it finally is! So in Estes Park (about an hour and a half from Denver), they have this little place called Fun City. It's super cheesy and small but with as big of a group as we had, it's a blast! Their main attraction is the Giant Slide. It's like they to
  7. This past week my family reunion was held in Estes Park, Colorado. There was never a plan to hit either park (if you consider Fun City a "park") so they both came as a great surprise to an already amazing vacation. We got to Estes on Saturday the 16th and stayed till the following Saturday. It was hot the whole week, but coming from Washington, it was a nice break from the monotonous cloudy/rainy/50 degree weather. Anyways, On Sunday my family was on a hike and my dad said he planned on going into Denver some time during the week. I slipped in that there happened to be a theme park in Denv
  8. Considering I was 6 when the decade started, this is more like my theme park-lover life so far in review... - Favorite new coaster: Terminator Salvation - Favorite new ride: Tower of Terror - Most memorable park moment: Going to Disneyland with all my friends in 7Th grade. I don't think I'm ever going to forget standing on Main Street watching the fireworks, looking around seeing that there's nobody else I'd rather be enjoying that trip with but all of the people surrounding me. - Most memorable coaster moment: First Intamin - California Screamin'... where I learned that proper rol
  9. OK, here's the other picture... It looks almost the same just a *little* more zoomed in and off centered
  10. I flew out originally for a wedding but I took off two more days of school for Six Flags too. And about the plane picture: I completely lucked out with that Haha. Like three years ago I remember seeing the park from the sky on the way down to LAX (going to Disneyland), so I knew I had a chance at seeing it again. So when we took off I just held my camera and looked out the plane window. Slowly I started to think we passed it and then I got distracted for a little and when I looked back it was there! So I took two really fast pictures haha. I'll post the other one when I'm back on the oth
  11. Need more information....camera, ISO settings...etc. I have a Olymps Stylus 1010. I don't know much about 'ISO' but it can be set on Auto, High Auto, or between 80 to 1600.
  12. My dad called me up about a month ago saying my uncle was having a wedding in Southern California on the weekend of the 14th of June and we were attending. He then asked what the best amusement park is down there. After my heart skipped a beat, I managed to blurt out "Six Flags Magic Mountain" before he even finished the sentence. And a couple weeks later we were on our way! The flight there was great. We flew Virgin America and the planes were just awesome. Each seat had a touch screen monitor in front of it where you could pick a movie, watch TV, listen to music, play games, or even text
  13. Well this last Saturday I was at the park for my first trip (2nd day of the trip) and school got out the day before for Californians so the park was PACKED! The line for X2 had to be 3 hours at least. It was down the stairs and everything. So we had 5 hours in the park because of a family thing we had to attend that night so my dad's fiance surprised us by getting the Gold Flash Pass. It worked wonders! We did 4 big coasters in about a hour and that's just 'cause it took us so long to walk back and forth to the ones we wanted to ride. I didn't know if I would have payed that much for the Gold
  14. New record for me: 1 and a 1/2 hours for Terminator. So worth it though!
  15. Thanks for the info about my plan for SFMM Robb and everyone else who contributed. I did a lot of searches but I was just wondering how terminator impacted the lineup of coasters. But now I know. Thanks again! 12 Days left till my first visit! PS: Sorry it took so long to reply, my Internet has been all messed up for a couple days and I just got it running again.
  16. What would you say the plan would be if every coaster's a new credit there? I've been researching this question lately for our trip coming up on June 12 and 13 (First time to SFMM!) but with Terminator there now, I have no idea what I should try and get done 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  17. I faced forks in a track meet last week. I thought I was going to get bit I've only seen the movie. I thought it was OK. Probably because I've been to forks and thought it was pretty cool that they mentioned "kitsap county" (where I live) in it. Everyone in our theater laughed when they said that they'd "let the kitsap county police deal with it" when they saw the tracks headed our way. I'm debating on reading the first book but it'd have to wait till summer 'cause as of right now, I don't have very much time to read anything else other than my school stuff.
  18. This is probably the longest list I've had in a couple years! What a great year it was. Wilds Waves (x3 and 1 during Fright Fest) Fun Forest Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (x3) - first time! California's Great America - first time! Puyallup Fair
  19. Mine was riding my first SLC, Boomerang, B&M, Intamin Impulse coaster (also first inverted coaster), GCI, and spinner coaster all in the same day! Then the next day, I got to ride my first B&M Invert, Arrow Double Looper, Revolution flat ride, and the worst woodie in the world! What a amazing weekend in Northern California
  20. Yeah, TGG will definitely be up there, that's one reason why I did the averages. I thought it was interesting that CCI came out on top of GCI. I think this was because CCI has so many coaster out there and more of a chance to have a couple good hits though. Taking only the top 5 of each company probably also affected the outcome of this too.
  21. I'm reading the third City of Ember book. Yeah, it's probably meant for kids in 5th grade, but I still enjoy it.
  22. So last night I made this chart of wood coaster companies and the coasters they have in the top 100. I thought it was pretty interesting so I think I thought I'd post it. The way I scored each company is on their top five (much like how you would score a cross country meet, if any of you know about that?). Each company gets one point for every spot on the list (Example: 3rd place adds 3 points to that companies total). So the company with the least amount of points is technically (because it's only based on their top 5) the best wood coaster builder. Then I also did the average of their t
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