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  1. Thanks for the hilarious video. The Club TPR membership has more than paid for itself. Club TPR is awesome!
  2. Ha ha, this is awesome! It was very nice meeting you. Hope you got some more amazing rides on EGF. Peter
  3. Ha, ha, fortunately it was just that one bird. Obviously he didn't like Depeche Mode too much. Yeah, it was great seeing you again too. Hopefully next time there will be more time to hang out after the parks, those two days went by way too fast. And I admire the people who went into Hotel Gasten several times voluntarily. Although in the end it was really fun and im so glad I went through it, but one time was just enough for me. Peter
  4. Hey Robin! Great trip report. This really was an amazing trip, I wish I could have stayed a few days longer. Hopefully next time. It was awesome to see everybody again! Peter
  5. Almost a little late for this kind of card, but here's one from our visit yesterday. Europa Park at Christmas time.
  6. Thanks, Robin! It's unbelievable, isn't it? Peter
  7. More pictures. Thanks for reading. I hope you guys enjoyed it. ...and down the first drop. Black Mamba going up the lifthill. I'll end this report with some shots of the newly opened Hotel Matamba with an amazing African theming and Black Mamba. Mystery Castle. Phantasialand's one and only scare actor works here. Winjas - as good as always. Talocan wasn't running that day. Sounds like some kind of a splash battle. The new attraction for 2009 - Wakobato. Signature shot. The view from our hotel room. We spent the last day of our little trip at Phantasialand and Hotel Ling Bao. This is the pool area.
  8. More pictures. Enough with all the creatures. It's time for Shrek 4-D. Yeah, a second after they look at you like that they will start chasing you. Scary fountain. The mazes are about to open. It's starting to get a little bit crowded. The first scare zone after the entrance area. Main entrance area. We spent the next evening at Movie Park. It was the first night of Halloween Horror Fest. The food was amazing, too. We had a lot of fun there and definitely try to visit it again next year. They served the original Hofbräu beer. After relaxing a little bit at the hotel we went to Europa Park's version of Oktoberfest. The fountain show at night. Hotel Colosseo. This really is an awesome place to stay. We took the monorail back to the hotel. ...and goes back into the station. In the background you can see Silverstar crawling over a hill. Poseidon dives into the water... Silverstar going up, Poseidon going down. Euro Mir. Sadly this time without a TPR party train and a different soundtrack playing. Waveswinger. Alpenexpress with a bear in the background. The first curve after the launch. Construction of the new for 2009 Mack launch coaster. This picture is from last week. Meanwhile the looping is nearly complete. Atlantica Supersplash. The funny / scary puppet show.
  9. Last weekend we decided to visit some more parks and started with Europa Park on Thursday. They had just started their Halloween event and the park was heavily decorated with tons of pumpkins, scarecrows, spider webs and all that stuff. Some spooky sounds were played everywhere in the park and the atmosphere was great. During the day they open just on maze: Tortuga – Grave of Pirate Souls. It took quite some time for me to finally walk through the maze as I scare really easy. It’s definitely more fun for the actors when I walk through a maze than for me. Well, I survived, and after all it wasn’t that bad. But I thought one terrifying experience a day is enough for me and passed on their other mazes, which open after the rest of the park closes in the Italian area. Fortunately, they had another event going on that night: Europa Park’s version of Oktoberfest. It wasn’t as good as the original one in Munich, but we ended up having a lot of fun there and it was really worth the visit. Plus, we could take the monorail back the hotel. You can’t do that in Munich. On Friday we spent the evening at Movie Park, where the Halloween Horror Fest was about to begin. The park was really crowded and every maze had a long line, so we just wandered around a little bit. The park wasn’t quite as good decorated as Europa Park, but they had a lot of fog machines and scare actors were nearly everywhere in the park which created a great atmosphere, too. The next day we headed to Phantasialand. There was nothing special going on there, but it was a nice park to end our little trip at. Enough talking, onto the pictures. ...and somehow I angered the watergods again! We took one ride on the rapids... These literally are the Teacups of Death. Apparently I'm not a good scare actor. She didn't show any reaction at all. The three mummies. The Tortuga Maze. After getting out alive I thought it was really fun. These guys were everywhere in the park and showed you kindly the way to the Tortuga maze. Seems like the guys on the horses got lost and the guy in the carriage fell asleep. The Attic Maze. This was one with the highest scare factor: 5 skulls. The Rosemarie's Nightmare Maze. The Blackwood Mansion Maze. The Carnival Of Fear Maze. The shot bar for the not so brave. Even Eurosat decided to dress up like a giant pumpkin. See. The park was decorated with a lot of pumpkins. The display of the Terenzi Horror Nights 2. More fog. What's the name of that event here again? Euro Mouse is greeting the brave guests. Main entrance area - nicely decorated and all foggy.
  10. Hey Robin! Loved your trip report, your pictures came out great. That really was an awesome day. Expedition GeForce without a line and running in ejector mode always makes me happy. Peter
  11. This is probably going to be hard due to the different time zones, but here's my code: 1891-1310-6772. I'll start adding everyone now who has posted their code in here.
  12. I picked up Mario Kart today and just played it a little bit. It's so much fun, I love it. Also the first time I tried online playing and it worked pretty well.
  13. ^Yes, there will be a turnstile at the entrance combined with a scale. If your weight is between 35 kg and 100 kg the turnstile will open, otherwise not. This really looks insane. I would have never thought they get permission to build something like that.
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