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  1. Not a bad looking park with what seems a nice mix of rides. I am going with three duckies.
  2. Having only been on one my vote is for Superman Escape.
  3. Those are some great tiger photos. A few of my photos from Saturday. Green Lantern by d34thstrik3, on Flickr The Drop by d34thstrik3, on Flickr Twisted by d34thstrik3, on Flickr
  4. I can see one reason for them not revealing an opening date is the weather has been kinda wet the past few weeks so that may have held things up as far as work to the ride goes. That and the past few attractions at Dreamworld have been rushed with things added after opening due to being unable to meet the deadline for whatever reasons.
  5. The park has just released the TV commercial for the ride. What is interesting is they are claiming steepest drop in the world. Edit - An update from their Facebook post has the drop at 122.4ยบ
  6. Taken from this post on the parks Halloween event page: "Did anyone see Green Lantern Coaster lit up green on Monday? Who's looking forward to the 120 degree drop??? Jump on the Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast, Australia page for updates on the construction!" Looks like they have really gone for something different from the rest of the models. Four across lap bar seating with reported on board audio and now a steeper drop this ride is really making me look forward to December and being able to ride it.
  7. Taken over the past couple of days. Buzzsaw, latest addition at Dreamworld. Green Parrot, taken in my yard.
  8. Currently this is towards the top of the list.
  9. Was great following you guys around Japan at home and at work during my breaks. Definitely adding a Japan TPR trip to my bucket list. Looks a great, fun and safe way of experiencing a new culture.
  10. Looks to be just a standard Skyloop XT 150. As for a name it was revealed over the weekend the parent company of the park (Ardent Leisure) have taken a trademark out for the name "Buzzsaw" and the CEO for Dreamworld mentioning it on his LinkedIn profile by Parkz.
  11. For those not following any of the Australian sites the ride has recently gone vertical! It's going to be kinda tall once done!
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