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  1. Hang on, I could simply be misunderstanding you here, or maybe we are talking about different things. When you say 'load-unload configuration' do you mean that people will get on and off in the same place, or do you mean that there will be separate loading and unloading platforms. All i was talking about is that there will probably only be gates on one side of the station like a regular coaster. I hope i didnt come off as hostile. I re-read my last post and it kinda seemed that way to me. But what I meant was the train comes in, stops, then unloads. After that, the empty train advances forward to load with gates on both sides.
  2. Yea but it only shows half of the station building. If you look at a picture of the whole building, it is obvious that there is another section. I know there is no point in arguing it, but i'm going to keep with believing that it is a load-unload configuration. And with the gaps between rows, i'm not saying that the space is there JUST for the ops but it would be kind of an inconvenience if a ride op is at one end of the train and has to walk to the other end to cross.
  3. Well i would have just thought that was so ride ops can cross over if they need to. But if you go back a page and look at the 4th post, 3rd pic... it says at the top of the pic "station construction load-unload".
  4. ^^ I would think its to have a dual load station. Just think of X's station... it makes it a lil easier!
  5. Excelent photos of the reverse freefall!!! Thats IS what i have been waiting for!! And is that a key still in the panel?! Did your guys turn it and see if there was any power to the ride?! Haha!! I hope not though!! Well, an all together awsome P:TR!!!
  6. Awesome awesome pictures!!! I cant wait till i can get back over there!!! Griffon is looking like it will be high up there on my Top list!! One question i have is has anyone seen how the floor in the station moves? Is there any video's of it? I mean i know how a floorless floor(haha) basically works, but thats with a 4 across train!
  7. Whenever i use the Teraformer then make the auto supports the footers stay on the surface of the land, but are still have supports connected to them. Is there a way to stop it from doing this? Footers stay on top of land, while the supports still go under!
  8. Not sure if im late or not but here ya go... It seems that this Spring Break is not making a difference in the amount of crowds that are there. I was told that all rides were walk on and as far as i know V2 is still closed. There is no telling when it will be open. It could be anytime now. Kong and Roar are running 1 train and will be for a while as their trains arent even rebuilt yet. So that just leaves Medusa with 2 trains. Depending on if your going on a weekend or weekday, the crowds will be moderate to light, so you could get all the credits within half a day easily! I should be at the park on random days waiting for V2 to open. Maybe i'll run into ya!
  9. Yea those missles have been there since the ride opened. They've just had the roll-up door closed for the past few years. Im glad to see that Cedar Fair is re-descovering some of the theming! Now i guess we have to wait till next season to get some real changes to happen!
  10. I would think that it had to do with the weight of the train for each launch. The train is weighed and the drive system then determines how much power it needs to launch the train. Its somewhat hard to believe that they can put a time on 0-128. If they were to get the train to launch 0-128, in 4sec, everytime, that would be a tremendous amount of stress on the drive system! Obviously the heavier the train, the more power and longer distance it needs to get the speed, but i assume that they have a maximum on how much power to let the system have. So therefore they just make the launch track long enough to get up to speed, even at the MLW(Maximum Launch Weight). Thats only my guess, but i believe it makes sense.
  11. Yea well i just heard that they are training for V2 today and tomorrow, so it looks like it will be open for this weekend! I should be there so i might get a few shots!
  12. There is a break run. It just has a roof on it but its right there with the transfer track.
  13. Is it just me, or does it look like the Helicopter is the ride-op booth? I see the stairs leading to it and if you look elsewhere on the platform, there is no booth to be seen. I guess if it is, then its in a good place to see the length of the station. Although creative, that doesnt go to say that it still looks out of place!!!
  14. Well i still have a knack for the 1st gen intamin drops!!! There is something about the roughness that keeps me riding! A little off topic, but does anyone know of a website that is a database for flatrides along the lines of RCDB? I have always tried to find one but with no luck.
  15. Well it looks like it's a no-go for me!! (R or E, if you read this, you can count me out.) Unless someone is going there from the Bay Area, and i can hitch a ride!?! But i know its too late now!!! I know now not to plan something with people who dont call back to let me know they cant go! I guess i will have to wait till next time!
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