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Best Drop Ride!!!

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Now that I (pardon the expression)... POPPED my


Drop/Blast Tower Cherry


during this past TPR Uk Tour in June...


- Yeah, and just starting to enjoy these towers at my age. Bite me. -


The best for me, certainly was APOCALYPSE at Drayton Manor park. I mean, this tower had not one, not two, but three ways of riding this thing! Amazing. I loved it. Definitely helped 'cure' my fear of heights, if you can imagine, heh heh.



(Pix courtesy of park website)


The tilt-and-DOWN! side. A very nice tower of fun, three ways going. (o:


A little closer, showing two of the three ways to....fall. Left tilts towards ground; right has 'floor' under feet for standup. Third is sitdown, floorless.


There it is in all it's freaky glory!

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Blue Fall - Hakeijima Sea Paradise gotta get mistaken as tallest light house in Japan for most guys don't know that ride!

myself in fact i got to see that as something like light house!

it was happened when i was a kid - 4th grade pupil!






sorry i have no pics here.

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I have only been on 3.

One in SF Astroworld years ago (can't remember the name).

Detonator at Thorpe park which I thought was horrendous and painful!

And my favourite, ToT in MGM, Florida, simply because it's a complete ride, it has random drop sequences and it's a lot more fun in the dark!

I've never seen anyone come off that ride without being in fits of laughter.

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Ooh, golly that's a tough one.

Let's see, my favorite is probably Giant Drop at SFGAm.

I don't really like S&S towers much anymore. Space Shot at Adventureland is the most powerful of that type I have encountered.

I love Demon Drop, the only Intamin first-gen I've been on.


And I cannot leave without mentioning Drop Zone at Como Town (that's right, Como Town).

I don't have any pictures of it myself, but there's one a little less than half way down the page.


This thing just keeps going and going and going! And I could swear its drop is more powerful than CP Power Tower's.

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Here are mine:

1. Acrophobia

2. Drop Zone at PKD (so much better than PKI's)

3. Tower of Terror-FL

4. Pitt Fall

5. Oh-Zone at Lake Winnie (or any of the A.R.M./Larson Drop Towers)


I really like the ARM/Larson Towers because of the instantaneous drop and very, very short braking stop. It's very creepy. S&S regular towers are my least favorite.

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I have only been on 4.


My first freefall ride was Freefall at SFOG. I was expecting a fun little ride with some floater air, and I was completely blown away by the intensity of the drop! My head felt like it was about to explode! I quickly learned that floater air on a roller coaster is not the same as free-falling at all. It is still my favorite ride in the park, but I still have yet to ride Acro.


My next step up, well actually a step down, was Shock Drop at Beech Bend, my first ride on a 2nd gen freefall. It is only 80 feet tall, but the drop is incredibly intense for a ride of its size. After 4 rides on it I could still not ride without cringing and tensing up on the way down.


The day after I went to Beech Bend, I went up to Holiday World. Just from looking at Liberty Launch I could tell it would not be as intense as the other two freefall rides I had ridden. Waiting for the launch up is not nearly as scary as waiting for the drop down on other drop rides. I would not really consider this a true drop ride, since the launch down takes away the whole intense feeling of freefalling. Instead, you get a strong pop of at the top and then sort of float gently to the bottom. I liked it , but I did not feel any sort of accomplishment from riding it.


My tallest and favorite freefall of all was Superman Tower of Power at SFSTL. I did not feel nervous while going up to the top. The only scary part was not knowing what to expect from the intenisty of the drop. The view from 230 feet up was incredible! I was on the side facing the front of the park, and the drop ride is at the very back in front of the Screamin' Eagle. The back of the park is up on a big hill, so I was probably looking down at least 330 feet to the front of the park. When it finally dropped, I immediately tensed up and couldn't breathe. The pressure in my head kept building up more and more as I got closer to the bottom, but when I was about halfway down the tower it stopped feeling so intense. By the time my head had adjusted to falling sensation we had already hit the brakes. After that I rode 2 more times, but I could have ridden it all day.


Sorry, I'm not trying to write a novel here. I just really enjoy drop rides more than anything else at an amusement park. You just can't get the same feeling from any drop on a roller coaster, IMO.


Superman is awesome!


Shock Drop is really intense!

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Intamin first-gens hold a special place in my heart for always making me piss my pants on that drop (not literally, you fools). There's just something about staring down at the runway through the grate under your feet, and that little




and then suddenly FWOOOOSH. It's just such an...unbridled drop. Totally amazing because it's not smooth. It doesn't slow you down apologetically like the later generations do, it slams you on your back and comes to a screeching halt.


That, and the fact that The Edge was my first drop ride, puts it at the top of my list. Funny story. I was five years old, and with my dad at Great America. Of course, I made my dad take me on The Edge. After about thirty minutes we got into the little orange car. I was in the middle seat on the left, and next to me on the right was a father and his son. My own father was next to me on the left. At the top of the tower we slowly jutted forward...forward...forward...




We patiently waited for the car to drop. A minute passed. My father looked down at me and said, "Now remember, when it drops, it's okay to screEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The moment he said "scream" the car plummeted. We found out later that a car in the station's restraints were malfunctioning and everything got backed up. And that's the little story about The Edge.

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Well, I used to be afraid of drop towers, mainly Demon Drop at CP. When I started working there in the summer of 1986, I was determined to get over my fear.




I ended up riding Demon Drop over 100+ times that summer! And this was before they had any of the huge coasters to take the lines away. I would end up spending an hour in line every day for that 15 second ride!


Now for some reason, I chicken out when it comes to the really big towers at PKI and PKD. Maybe I need to start working there and ride them 100X too!

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I have only ridden two in my life, Tower of Doom at SFEG and Dr. Doom's FearFall at IOA.


Tower of Doom beat Dr. Doom by MILES. Nice airtime and adrenaline rush up on the tower.


Dr. Doom, meanwhile, WHEE! FUN AIRTIME LAUNCH! Then the rest of the ride is just...

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I was really impressed by the drop tower at Isla Magica. It had the most wiiii sensation I've experienced on a drop tower before. It wasn't fast, it wasn't tall, it wasn't scary but it had huge amounts of losing your stomach. I'm not quite sure how as it was a very controlled tower, perhaps the seating angle was different and caused the higher sensation. Anyway the ride op was under the impression it was built by Maure Sohne.

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Right now I have done a couple of those towers. But before I had done the first one, I was scared of those things.


My list of drop/shot/freefall towers (in random order):

- Tower Of Terror @ DCA

- Hurakan Condor @ PortAventura

- Scream @ Heidepark

- High Fall/Wild Bunch @ Moviepark Germany

- Drop Zone Stunt Tower @ PGA

- Power Tower II @ Dusseldorf fair 2006

- Space Shot @ Walibi World

- Big Shot @ Stratosphere Tower

- Supreme Scream @ KBF

- Maliboomer @ DCA


I really like the Intamin towers more then the S&S towers. My favorite Intamin tower is Hurakan Condor because of the hight and the floorless tilting seats and my favorite S&S tower is Big Shot because of were the tower is located.

But Tower Of Terror tops them all (or like this: "The One Tower To Ride Them All").


I don't know right now what rides I can add to that list this year.

Maybe it will be one or more of the next ones:

- Space Vertigo @ Gardaland (Intamin giant freefall)

- Columbia & Discovery @ Mirabilandia (S&S spaceshot & turbodrop)

- Hollywood Tower @ Movieland Studios (Intamin 1st-gen)

- La Venganza del Enigma @ Parque Warner Madrid (S&S combo tower)

- Lanzadera @ Parque de Atracciones Madrid (Intamin freefall)

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I Love coaster but I can't say that drop rides are my "kind" of rides...though I did love Demon Drop @ Cedar Point, I screamed like a little girl but it was fun...fun enough to re-ride 4 times..which will never happen on any other drop ride...(well, maybe Pitfall @ Kennywood too)


I've tried Drop Zone Stunt Towers @ Paramount's Kings Island-Though I died....I was shaking when I got off...so tall.


Pitfall @ Kennywood-I usually give it a try like twice a year...it's alright but still gets to my stomach


Demon Drop @ Cedar Point- Was actually fine, though it did do a number on my stomach...lets just say, this ride and cheese fries don't make nice.


Power Tower @ Cedar Point- Wasen't to bad...but the side that blasts you up caught me by surprise and scared the m-f'in shnikes out of me. Also a few others at various parks.

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