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  1. So I managed to find some time to head on down to Thorpe Park yesterday and managed a go on Saw:Alive. Overall, I was highly impressed with the themeing throughout the maze. The bathroom looked like it was lifted straight out the film and the urine smell was a nice(!) addition. All of the traps in the maze were as honest to the film as possible, the last scene from saw 6 was probably my favourite (merry go round with guns attached). The only problem I had with the maze was, well, it wasn't terrifying. It wasn't even scary. The actors in the traps did their best to try and achieve scares, but t
  2. Some new photos were posted on thorpe park's twitter account..... Thorpe Park Twitter.. Looks like its shaping up to be pretty good! Saw Bathroom...
  3. Went along to Universal this afternoon in hope of riding it, arrived to a closed ride, staff were telling us it was unlikely that the ride would open today, however could see constant work being carried out and testing so decided to hang around the area. After about 30 minutes it opened! Hurrah! Got on the ride within 5 minutes of it opening so not too long at all. The ride itself - sat in the back row of the 2nd train - BUMPY! When going over the crowd surf you could physically feel the train shaking from side to side, yet when I re-rode it in the middle row, it was smooth as glass. Amazing.
  4. I actually made a visit in May last year and was showers all day, but most rides seemed to be operating fine! I had a ride of Kingda Ka when it was ever so slightly raining though and was probably the most painful ride of my life! Then when I went on Nitro there was a brief hailstorm but was over in 2 minutes, however once again very painful haha!
  5. Well, during the queue there are tv screens all over the place with CCTV Images on and after about 5 minutes a puppet comes on screen (famous in the films for delivering people's 'games') and he explains what your game will be. There is also a police car in the plaza, plus sound effects on the soundtrack saying "Officer down, officer down", so you possibly could be a police office trying to track down the killer when you in fact get involved in a game. But it's never 100% clear what the main storyline is - essentially there is a big trap you get included in it!
  6. I also went to the preview event today and must say the ride went beyond my expectations. The theming is incredible - from the various traps in the queueline to the *SPOILER* heartline roll over the bathroom famously seen in the films. Small things like bloody handprints on the disabled access lift and torn pieces of clothing in the barbed wire queue fence just made the ride more special. As for the ride itself, I found it to be so much shorter than anticipated. The indoor section was good - although if in 'Games 1 or 2' then you miss a whole load of pre ride spiel from Billy the doll. There
  7. Ok so they flew from LAX to MSP, stopping off at Nick Universe. Then im guessing they got on another flight with KLM to LHR which flies direct from MSP. Would kinda make sense with Saw: The Ride opening on friday for coaster enthusiasts.. maybe they are getting some ERT!!
  8. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=69xb3zbgzAM Trailer for the new ride...
  9. I visited 2 weeks ago, and just the brake run was up for Tony Hawk's Big Spin. Amazing progress. Good photo's too!
  10. Titan at SFOT last night. Most amazing ride in the world!
  11. Someone else who enjoyed Jack's funhouse! I loved it whilst my friends hated it. The paint/3d effects worked really well, with several actors making me jump a few times!!! By far, the best house for me was A Nightmare on Elm Street. I literally ran out of that house! As soon as you walk through the 'dream scene' and see the house i was just like oh crap... the mirrors got me bad as well! Anyone else get terrified by the chainsaw drill team? They got me in broad daylight and still scared me. I hate them!!!
  12. Detonator at Thorpe Park for me. May not be the tallest, but certainly delivers a punch.
  13. My closet coaster.... X:/No Way Out at Thorpe Park - EVERYBODY loves this ride, just too embarrassed to admit it!
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