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  1. ^I am really happy that you enjoyed your stay at the park. Even though the park has milions of thousands of bad things (especially in operations), I'm glad that you could enjoy your stay! Next time send me a PM and I will show you even more things that you don't even expect!
  2. First day of operation and we already have first pigeon killed [youtu_be]https://youtu.be/fzq05-VE4lE[/youtu_be]
  3. Here is a better POV with slightly more speed [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  4. Less than three weeks to go, the park is getting ready! I don't know which is your weight but this issue can be found in Shambhala, where the restraint cannot close properly for those who have big thighs. Dragon Khan and Furius Baco will be OK.
  5. Finaly the official name was revealed today... "RED FORCE" Thanks god we can already start forgetting "vertical accelerator" name... [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  6. Quick brief! The Campanile is being rebuilt with some construction modifications from its previous version. The white facade you see in the picture is still waiting for the Colisseum theming. Lots of work during all week, including sundays, in order to get everything ready for April! They are covering the S&S towers's queue Here you can see how the beast looks in the distance! certainly impressive structure and beautiful skyline!
  7. The day after the burning, thbey started cleaning and painting the façades and removing the steel structures. Nowadays the Campanile was rebuilt in its top section, while the colisseum and the lower part of the tower are still pending to recieve the theming [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. ^here you have the prices for next season. As you can see, there is no "oly ferrariLand ticket" soy you must buy combinated ticket together with PortAventura to visit FL. Of course one day is better than nothing
  9. Do you feel pressed against the seat on TTD/KK? I don't know, I've never been on! Which is the sensation on the roll? I've been on Stealth and (with no roll) that was an extreme ejector time the whole time! No If you really want to see shows + rides, 1 day is not enough. Plus with Ferrari Land.... and of course it depends on the queues... except you buy the super-mega-extra-extreme-premium Express for that single day.... I recommend you 2 days minimum to enjoy better! BTW; some tests are being performed nowadays. As you can see, the back aileron and all F1 wheels are gone. PAC
  10. New video with more test! What do you think about this coaster? I admit that the coaster seems to be "small" in the video, but trust me, it is not! That is because from the point of view of the video you can see a big parking area which is empty. But the coaster itself is really impressing. Notice the two towers, they are "only" 60m tall! I think this coaster will be a rush overall because the restraints. Also in the drop section it doesn't seems to be any "centrifugal force" that presses you against the seat, so maybe we will be feeling a nice airtime through most part of the drop [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  11. You can see here the video a liitle bit better! (so many years and we still didn't learn how to do horizontal videos... ) [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  12. The sound is real guys!! No speakers yet! I think they dind't even know the coaster would do this sound and probably someone in the offices is celebrating they can remove the speakers item in the budget breakdown!
  13. To return to the good news, finally the coaster did the whole track in the testings! TEST VIDEO VIDEO 2
  14. The news right now. The facades of Ferrari Experience, at least the ones done with Porex are completely gone. There is one worker with first degree burnings in the leg. Very sad situation PortAventura released an statement in which is said that the opening data is not going to be changed More pics and videos
  15. Something horrible is happening now in Ferrari Land. A big fire is burning some big elements in the Ferrari Experience building. The Venice tower it's completely gone! Let's hope there are no personal damages.
  16. Actually this coaster looks like a strange clone of Shambhala. The layout has the same elements!!
  17. That is a good comment. As you can see in picture below, just where the train is located there are some neumatic wheels underneath the train. It is true that we don't know if the train came from the brakes or went backwards from the transfer track.... from what we know, nobody saw a test and there is no official communication about it.
  18. Quick update on the project: the S&S Towers are already built and tests have been already done. S&S Towers test: VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 Skyline: Complete skyline with Hurakan Condor, Shambhala and Ferrari rides: We are ALL waiting to see the trains running on the Intamin coaster. The tests should be this week!! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
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