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  1. I (stupid stupid stupid) moved out from my parent's place a few weeks after I turned 18 to be with my boyfriend. With the amount I've spent on rent since then I wouldn't be worried as much about paying for school. Now my roommate and i share a 2-bed 2 bath apartment until the fall when I'm going to school. Not quite sure how I'll make the switch from a huge (well, relatively, lol) apartment to a dorm, but I guess it won't be any worse than the switch to a 7x7 room on the Ringling Bro's train when I worked for Feld.
  2. I had to do a double take when I drove by 7-11 the other day. Actually by TWO 7-11's. One of them STILL looks like this. Gas is really around 3.50 depending on where you go.
  3. Ah... See I'd heard it was Dark Knight for 09 in place of the bumper cars. And considering the bumper cars are still a haunted house for FF, I figured it'd be there and in the lot behind them. There's enough space for a family ride, but a wooden coaster seems like it'd be cramped.
  4. I had to do a HUGE double take when I saw that, cause for a minute I forgot I had taken the SAT before the writing portion was added, and I was feeling really bad about my score, lol I'd do just about anything to go to Stuttgart! I'm a huge fan of the musical Wicked, and the german cast in Stuttgart is absolutely AMAZING! As for me, I'm FINALLY getting started on school. I kinda ran away and joined the circus instead of going to college, hahaha. I probably should have been going to school at the time, but I wouldn't trade the experience of working with Ringling for anything. In the fall I'll be headed to Sam Houston State to start on a BFA in Theatre Design and Technology. And my 21st birthday is on the third day of school on a wednesday... how much does that suck!!!
  5. It pretty much took me four years to figure this out (during 3 of which I was in a relationship) - at my age I shouldn't be looking to settle down. That seriously could not be more true. That's kinda my philosophy with honesty too, the truth ALWAYS comes out in the end, why ever try to hide it? Ok, don't take this the wrong way, but there are seriously not enough guys like that. I've only had one boyfriend who's ever done that for me, and some guys I've gone out with haven't even appreciated it when I've done that for them.
  6. Woah! another lighting designer!!! no way! well, I'm only technically a lighting designer since I've only done like three shows for SFOT. But for now that's my job - supervisor over theatrical lighting. Oh, and Mac 700's do NOT like being in the same amusement park as a LIM launched coaster. The voltage in the park drops every time Mr Freeze launches, and it's a nightmare on all my mover's ballasts, lol!
  7. Uhh.. I set up the lighting for and ran spotlight for Flyleaf and Toby Mac... does that count as actually going to a concert?
  8. In theory I guess it's a good idea for speeding the queue, but I really think they shouldn't have put them where they are. Titan's are all the way at the entrance to the queue, meaning it's quite possible they could run out of lockers on a crowded day.
  9. yeah, i'm still working at six flags... this is why i'm finally gonna be going to school in the fall... at least i don't have to wear the blue polo! a random piece of freeze that's still blue, yay!
  10. that sucks.. I knew the museum closed for renovations but I thought the omni was gonna stay open for at least a few more months.
  11. Texas isn't really as bad as it can seem. When I was 15 my parents did the same thing, sold our house in california when I was halfway through high school and brought us out here. I can't say I know too much about frisco, except that they've got a pretty good mall. SFOT, on the other hand... before I started working out there I was there every week for the rides. Freeze is my favorite. but as long as you don't overdo them, most of the other rides are really good too. And don't miss out on the shows. Coobrila (cirque type show) is back this summer, and there are always good shows at the Southern Palace Theatre during fright fest and holiday in the park. The DFW area really is a great place to live. You get two different "down-town" areas you can go to. Dallas has the American Airlines Center as mentioned before, Music Hall, the state fair in october, and some pretty cool night-life stuff. Fort Worth has Bass Hall, one of the top zoos in the country, and the imax omni theater.
  12. hahaha... oh wait, i work at six flags.... but on the bright side i've found that places with as many employees as theme parks need a ton of supervisors, so there's lots of opportunity to move up and get managerial experience. that's what i did.
  13. I waited until the ride closed for the show before I did it so the ride op wouldn't freak out and call maintenance.
  14. I couldn't help myself once we had it set up... they had relays put in so that we could turn off the carousel lights for the end of the night show during fright fest. I hooked up my laptop to the lighting system and had some fun carouselstrobe.mpg Carousel at SFOT
  15. It's definitely gonna be an interesting change. I haven't heard one person yet who's happy about it. It was on the news every day for a week about how the mayor of Arlington is against it and whatnot. I'm not too opinionated about it, but (being an employee) dealing with guest complaints isn't helped out when they're not entirely sober.
  16. some of us aside from the media were lucky enough to get to watch from the tower http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=19325527 wildcatterlow.mpg
  17. it's going over well so far... opened on saturday, and we probably had at least 1/3 of the guests in the park there for it. people started lining up hours before it started.
  18. I hope the red is just a primer (which makes sense, they won't want to go through the trouble of painting if it's just going to come right off like the blue is doing now), but as long as they get the thing up and running it doesn't matter what it looks like.
  19. For the first half of the summer I was backstage - scene changes / fly rail. Towards the end of the summer I ran the lights / sound. We ended up with about an hour between shows to do whatever, so the acrobats would teach me the diabolo (chinese yo-yo's from the show) and we'd teach each other english and chinese. Tons of fun while I was being paid.. imagine that
  20. Me and Yan Yue, one of the chinese acrobats from the summer 2006 show at SFOT. That show was the most fun I've ever had working.
  21. How about packing up my entire life and moving across the country to live on a train and work for the circus? Definitely overwhelming.. If the blue tour of the Ringling Brothers is in town, go see it!
  22. It doesn't always end up lonely. Sooner or later you end up meeting the guy who wants something more outta life. I was lucky and found him two years ago
  23. So on the topic of being out and all - I've got a question.. Ok, it seems like a lot of people have been saying they've known they were gay since they were like 10 (not just on the boards, just people in general that i know). I myself didn't until I was almost 16 (given I should have figured it out in junior high). But seriously though. When you're 10, how do you know?
  24. I worked in rides for ONE week (work crew supplied some employees to operations - it was the last week of daily op during the summer and school had already started). Honestly, it DID get boring. Why? Because in an entire day I would have maybe 40 kids on my rides - I worked back half of Looney Land at SFOT. I would LOVE to work a ride on a busy day though.. well.. given I had a good crew to work with.
  25. I always got a good laugh out of Hammerhead at Knott's when it was still there when it would flip upside down at the end and not come back up. That's gotta suck.
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