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  1. This is absolutely amazing, I stumbled upon this online the other day and it really looks like they have gone ALL out and recreated the whole experience! I wanted to share some photos with you all because I KNOW you would appreciate it! From what I hear they will release it coming early next month for Everest's Anniversary. I recently reached out to the team of recreators - some of the features in this bad boy: Full night mode with accurate color matching for the night show scene All 3D objects are present to fullfill the ride's experience Cued sounds Effects Snow! Modeled trains to match orginals.. But the best part is when they mentioned that they were going to have an ANIMATED * A Mode * Yeti INSIDE the mountain!!! Isn't that just awesome!? All of this is possible with No Limits 2 I guess.. They even have some sneak peak video trailers on their Facebook. Here are some shots they have on their facebook!! https://www.facebook.com/NoLimits2Hub Questions - Comments? Front of the mountain at night. Side of mountain showcasing the Shrine, and Anandapur Railroad apexing the lift. Top of the mountain during the night.
  2. Like Rafiki's Planet Watch in AK? That worked so well, it isn't even that popular and has capacity issues. Now just Potterize it and they will have to have a full circuit system to keep up with capacity!
  3. Not at all, the rumor is that they'll run whatever the hell the special magical train is called between the two lands. I highly doubt this, although I highly doubt it will be ANYTHING Potter just based on distance. As stated above by another poster, I believe also that the rest of LC will become Potter and we will see something brand new for Amity. Just look at the distance between the two lands.. It's approx half a mile between them and to say they will run the Magical Train Express thingy between them would be pretty difficult considering the limited access roads they already have.
  4. Hi Guys, Currently editing a video and need some help. Anyone who can help me gets a magic internet cookie.. I am looking for some vintage 50's PSA music, somewhat of just instrumental with no lyrics.. I am putting together an introduction to a video I am making and need some music that is from the 50's era.. Please link me to some sort of path to develop this. Thanks everyone!
  5. This has to be one of the worst layouts Intamin has designed. Otherwise, I guess it will have to do, beggers can't be choosers..
  6. I think the gay music selection is haunting the ride. Re-select and the problems will all be solved Universal.
  7. The concept art shows more than 5. I just don't get it. Just Kidding Fan Boys.
  8. It was never the same after it lost it's only original feature.. The Loop...
  9. The ABC TV show, Wife Swap, is currently seeking to audition Roller Coaster Enthusiast families “WHO SHARE THE LOVE AND THRILL OF RIDING ROLLER COASTERS AND THRILL RIDES AROUND THE COUNTRY”. So if you’ve got spunky and out-spoken kids, lots of opinions you like to talk about, and a family that is pefect for TV they want to hear from you. Of course it’s also worth nothing that all families cast to be on the show will receive $20,000 “for their time and commitment to the project.” That’s a lot of money folks... especially under these trying times. To apply or get information about the show Please contact: Amanda Gershkowitz Call: 646-747-7949 Email: Amanda.gershkowitz@rdfnewyork.com or wifeswap.amanda@gmail.com.
  10. We got pre-approved before we went shopping for homes. Know what you can afford, by go and getting pre-approved, then contact a Buyer's Agent and a real tor's office and start looking! If you're clever enough you can word the contract to where the seller pays for the majority of the closing cost. *WOOT* J
  11. Because it's cheaper to use corn syrup.
  12. Then how the hell will be know if we got the right freakin answer or not? Wow. Mature. Yeah, along the same lines as guessing dildo. What a similarity.
  13. Then how the hell will be know if we got the right freakin answer or not?
  14. You should really change the name of the photo's file.. the güiro is a percussion instrument consisting of an open-ended, hollow gourd with parallel notches cut in one side. It is played by rubbing a wooden stick along the notches to produce a ratchet-like sound. The güiro is commonly used in Latin-American music, and plays a key role in the typical cumbia rhythm section. Someone else can post one.
  15. Is there any place in this world where you can touch a Killer Whale?
  16. Your gonna be spending hundreds of dollas on hookas every week, It just sells istelf!! Sham WOW. Now watch how it opens up like a Butta Fly, like my lip after the incident with the hooka.
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