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  1. agree looks like a good ride but not for the park, if you want a tower just head down the road to the giant drop. ^^more coasters is what is needed on the gold coast..........
  2. Great update - been 4 years since ive been to WDW and will be there in 14 days cant wait to do it all again
  3. ^I didnt even notice that with the bumper cars, now that i have looked again that space could be used for a lot of things over the course of a cruise not just bumper cars
  4. The ship looks amazing and as said will be well suited for the colder areas
  5. Booked everything all ready, the only thing we couldnt book is the comedy club. so the only thing left to do is wait now.......What itinerary and ship are you on? That's so funny.. we're doing a Celebrity (Alaska) cruise in about a month too.. and my Partner keeps pointing out how much cheaper Carnival would have been. . . LOL As i said previously we are so glad we didnt go for the carnival cruise
  6. We are going to be in the states for 4 weeks in May and spending 10 days in Orlando to visit all the parks then drive to Fort Lauderdale to do a cruise on oasis of the seas - Caribbean cruise. We really wanted the allure of the seas after reading your trip report but the dates just didn't match up so we went with the next best one. So looking forward to it, it is the first cruise we have been on. So might as well do it right the first time....
  7. We are booked on a royal Caribbean cruise in about a month and my wife actually was looking at the carnival cruises and commented on how cheap they were............I said there is a reason why they are that cheap...you get what you pay for. So glad we never booked the carnival cruise after reading about all the issues they have.
  8. There has been no date set yet, but I have read a few "rumor's" that a soft opening possible late May and open sometime in June. But as i said Universal have not given any dates as of yet. Unless someone else has any dates I will be in Orlando in May but im pretty sure i will miss out by about a month.....same thing happened in 2009 when rip ride rocket opened, i was there a month before that opened before
  9. Ghostrider KBF. was there back in 2011 and it shook the crap out of me
  10. nice photos mate, i will be there in 2 months and your TR is not helping........i just want to be there now
  11. I got to admit some of those Goat songs make me laugh....the Whitney Houston goat is good. I just cant believe how many Harlem shake videos are out there, even Miami Heat did one.
  12. voted for the first time and cant wait to see the results. Will be able to add more to my list by next year as only 2 more months and im back to the states for some more coasters.....and holiday of course
  13. Nice report, have not been to Sea World in a while. I'm looking forward to the new ride 'STORM', as this park needs more attractions and a new thrill ride would be perfect for the park. And it will get me to go back to the park.
  14. It has been a while since visiting Florida but will be back in May Revisiting Magic Kingdom Animal Kingdom Hollywood Studios Epcot IOA USO New Sea World Busch Gardens SFMM
  15. be back in the states in May to go to WDW Sea World Orlando Busch Gardens IOA USO SFMM and maybe Disney in cal. to ride cars if i have time
  16. ANZAC day is a remeberance day for those who died and served in military action for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. It first cam about from WW1 good to see this ride coming together so quickly...look forward to early next year to ride it
  17. Love the TR guys hope you are having fun, i was on the gold coast aswell this weekend didnt realize it was the weekend for you all in queensland otherwise i would have come to say Hi, i hope the weather fines up and gives you some great days. to answer the question if WBMW is still strict on things in pockets the answer is yes, i had a wallet in a zipper pocket and the guy at the height restrictions told me i couldnt go on with it Yeah it is based on the scooby movie with Sarah Michelle and Freddy Prince as the movie was recorded on the sound stages in the park
  18. yeah WOC is still going was there Monday night and was all good, but the walls and restrictions on which way you can walk is very annoying and messy
  19. i was there on the Tuesday and there was no issues at all with Xcelerator all cars being used and it was the red vehicle as previously said the purple car is off to the side, first time to the park aswell had some fun and was walk on for every ride which was great as there was no one there as it being middle of the week
  20. i got nothing for christmas as we are leaving for the US in 5 hrs and will buy lots of gifts and things for myself and others while we over there
  21. quick question where is the best place to get deals on tickets for SFMM i leave for the states in a week and will be heading to SFMM on the 9th of Jan, so is it better to just but at the gate or is there somewhere else that will sell them at a better rate.
  22. thanks for all the info guys, looks like i got my dates wrong and i will be driving from san diego to anaheim on the sunday.......looks like i might just have to keep driving on to SFMM. just means an early start
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