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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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No, never cared much for the name, and while I think the sign's pretty cool, it's very reminiscent of The Beast.


That being said, I expect the ride itself to be nothing short of phenomenal, given how much I dug the significantly smaller Twisted Timbers. Super excited to give this one a go next month.

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The chains on the sign are too much.


I laughed way too hard at this.


Those chains are just begging to be grabbed. Grab bars confirmed!


I went into Rocky Horror Picture Show mode in my head, and my (almost) immediate first thought was.


"with whips and chains!!!"




(if you're not familiar with Rocky Horror. . that's the audience line at the start of the "Dammit Janet" number. . . when Brad says, "I really like the way, you beat the other girls (audience line) to the Bride's Bouquet).



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Trying to help a coworker out. they don't mind staying a little bit away from the park. I thought i remembered someone on here mentioning a nice place that was off of 2 somewhere for a real good price. I know this is a shot in the dark but any help?

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OK, so just watched a SV test run on youTube in 38 degree weather and it was flying thru the course, but the last two rows did not have water dummies for the test run.

I am perplexed as to what exactly is going on with RMC's that they need to not have bodies (weight) in certain rows to run a full circuit. Case in point, last Christmas at Dollywood, Lightning Rod had a two train operation, yet one of the two trains had the last 4 rows/seats blocked off yet train #2 was able to complete the circuit with a full train. More recently, there have been reviews on Twisted Timbers also having certain rows blocked off in order to function properly. For anyone win the know...does RMC not take these calculations into consideration when designing the coaster itself or is it related only to certain trains on any particular coaster? All these blocked row/seats only add to the wait time.


I dunno, maybe its the cold weather that effects certain RMC trains but if that were the case seems it would effect all the trains on that particular coaster..no?.

I'm just confused by the whole "we've got to block off rows in order for this train to complete a full circuit" ideology. Anyone have any ideas? I am truly curious.

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Different weight (and sometimes more importantly weight distribution) has a significantly and incredibly frustrating effect on how rides behave. Especially when running for the first time, or after making significant changes. Twisted Timbers is a slightly different situation, but I wouldn't start worrying about Steel Vengeance because of it.



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So Fast Lane question, I'm planning a trip in late September when the park is only open Fri, Sat, and Sun. which I guess is during the Halloween event. Are the Fast Lane passes available for purchase now for those dates just for the rides only and not any of the houses? I remember seeing various combinations of fast lane for houses and rides last year but I'm assuming the options for sale for those dates now includes rides only.


Also, hate to be that guy asking about crowds, but what can I expect Fridays and Saturdays late September? I'm defiantly getting Fast Lane for Saturday no doubt about that but can't decide if it's worth it on a Friday when the park is only open for 6 hours. Not even sure about going to the park on Friday since it's only open 6-12pm but the evening tickets a cheap enough we might drop in for a few hours. Depends how we feel after Jets @ Browns the night before haha.

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^ From my experience the past 10 years or so, the earlier you go for HalloWeekend Fridays, the less crowded it is as there are often high school football games and other activities going on in the area. However, last season it did seem busier than usual. Your main waits will be the usual suspects- Maverick (30 minutes or so), Millennium Force (20 minutes or so), and as of last season, Valravn, which seemed to be in the 45-60 minute range. With Steel Vengeance opening this year, that could all change.


I always get a FastLane Plus when I visit. As I have become older and more bitter, even those wait times are too much for me.

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2018 park map is out.


If you look at the Lakeside Midway section in blue on the right side, it lists the "Lake side stage" in box H12, the previous location of the Stadium. I take it that some sort of stage will be built there and finished sometime in the Summer??


EDIT: Here we go


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