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  1. I haven't been to Kings Island in a few years, but this and Mystic Timbers have me itching for a return trip. I think this ride looks better than Leviathan and probably better than Millennium. When I last visit Kings Island, my main issue was that they lacked a stand out attraction. The park had a lot of good coasters but no great coasters. I thought Diamondback was the closest. A night ride on Mystic Timbers, I thought, could change that. This looks even better.
  2. I feel like this was put out to temper expectations a bit. Wouldn't be shocked at some sort of pirate ride type addition, obviously updated. Also bringing back retro food and beverage choices. Add a retro area similar to Route 76 at Valleyfair or County Fair (is that the name?) at Carowinds.
  3. I'll dedicate a lap on Nitro to you this weekend. Appreciate it, fam.
  4. Don't know much about it yet. Guess we'll find out. Why are we so adverse to discussion around here? It's the offseason now. Time to turn that pent up non-riding into something useful, useless speculation.
  5. So, is everyone still thinking 2020 is the year for something big?
  6. 1. Top Thrill Dragster (420) 2. Superman Escape from Krypton (415) 3. Fury (325) 4. Millennium Force (310) 5. Leviathan (306) 6. Intimidator (305) 7. Titan (245) 8. Goliath (235) 9. Intimidator (232) 10 Diamondback (230)
  7. Blasphemous Chicago Deep Dish > life itself. Honestly the main reason I'm thinking about visiting this park again next year, get myself some Lou Malnati's and maybe ride Maxx Force or whatever. Edit - I know the locals are all about the thin crust, but that's what I go to New York for.. so I get deep dish in Chicago. It hasn't failed me yet. Even Giordano's and Uno's are really good. Pequads is next on the list to try though, keep hearing great things.
  8. That same ride would also have a 48 inch height requirement at Cedar Point for some reason.
  9. ^ I'm glad. Also glad to have hit the park when it wasn't doing so hot (because of the heat)
  10. I always hope Magic Mountain is going to blow me away with their addition. If this thing is impressive at all, I'll be making a return trip next year.
  11. Very nice photos and great TR as well. Glad to be semi-quoted in here with my thoughts about Millennium Force being down not ruining the trip. Our opinions align when it comes to Steel Vengeance. I knew after only one ride that it was the best coaster I've ever been on, and every ride that followed (all 7) reaffirmed that belief. When I rode in the front, this was probably my favorite moment on the ride. I thought the airtime in the first half was stronger up there (excluding the first drop). Overall, back is the way to go, as the first half is brilliant either way, and the second half is insane.
  12. That and Titan, which straight up tries to put you to sleep on the helix, are both extremely underrated in my mind. Titan is actually my favorite ride at Over Texas.
  13. As a local myself I totally agree with this statement. I think enthusiasts have a tendency to underestimate the power of those Larson loops. It actually garnered a fair bit of attention with people telling folks in my family stuff like "you gotta try the new Delirious". There's a surprising number of people talking about it, at least where I'm at, so I wouldn't say it's entirely ineffective. Is it a spike on the same level as a major coaster addition? Absolutely not, but there's definitely people excited about the ride (and it's a good ride that's new why wouldn't they be). I also find it hard to believe that a lack of a major coaster addition is the single cause of a less busy park (And I can't say I've noticed it's that much less busy, on my visits this year it has seemed pretty typical for crowds, but I'm not there as much as others in this thread are). Especially considering that this decrease in attendance appears to be affecting parks nationwide. To be the yang to your yin, I've talked with a lot of non enthusiasts in Minnesota about Delirious, and I usually get a luke warm response at best, and a "I've ridden that at the local traveling fair" at worst. I did overhear someone excited about it in Gurnee, but those people have been few and far between. I can't talk for the guests in park, as I haven't visited Valleyfair since the ride opened and even when I have a season pass, I don't plan on going back to the park until they add something that will make it worth my while... unless someone drags me along.
  14. Cedar Point is the only park in the world where Millennium Force being down wouldn't put a damper on my day. Can't wait to see what Cedar Point does in the next two years. It's always impressive, even in the off years.
  15. And I also had no problems with the ops when I was at GateKeeper early this month. I only rode it twice, but they were flying.
  16. 1. Steel Vengeance - Holy moly. This is the best coaster I've ever been on. I love pretty much every element in the first half, except maybe the double up. The drop, first airtime hill, outward banked airtime hill, and inversions are all great. And then you have the airtime into the midcourse. The second half is bonkers and even disorienting at night. There's so many moments of airtime. This ride has everything I look for in a coaster. 2. Lightning Rod - This was a tough choice, but I give the nod to Lightning Rod since it has the strongest airtime, specifically on the quad down. 3. Twisted Colossus - Love the long ride time. The first drop(s) are strong. The dueling aspect makes it. 4. Iron Rattler - The first drop and the drop over the wall are both amazing. 5. Outlaw Run - Completely taken back by how good this was. Time Traveler had a majority of the people in it's queue, so this thing was a walk on. Which meant a ton of rides. ^ - Those five are all legitimate top tier coasters in my opinion. 6. Golden Lasso - Give me one for Valleyfair, please. These things are brilliant. So much airtime (I only rode this in the back). The first drop, the airtime hill where it slings you left and then right, it's absolutely bonkers. 7. Goliath - Big drop off. Still has an amazing first drop and I enjoy all the elements. 8. The Joker - Easily my least favorite. Felt like a normal coaster with an awesome stall.
  17. The only difference I noticed was on the drop from the midcourse. That second half was always relentless, especially in the back row.
  18. Can we just talk about how epic Steel Vengeance is?! It's probably the best coaster in the world and yet all we are doing is talking about our cell phones. That's crazy to me. Also went on New Texas Giant this month with three other people, and the two of us that had ridden Steel Vengeance were not all that impressed by Texas Giant, the other two were blown away. This ride is so good it ruined that ride for us.
  19. Same as last week! That heat kept everyone out of those Texas parks. The busiest park that I visit over the course of my trip was oddly Six Flags St. Louis. First trip to Fiesta Texas in the books. It was probably my favorite new park of the trip (between that and Silver Dollar City, it's close). Iron Rattler was a great ride, my third favorite RMC out of eight. That first drop and the drop over the cliff being my favorite parts. I kept riding in the back row, as I found that to be the best seat on the other RMC's. Also got the back seat on Wonder Woman. Holy hell, that's a wild ride. That second airtime hill has some of the strongest airtime I've ever felt. The rest of the lineup is fairly good. Quite a few protein spills the day of my visit. 105+ temps probably didn't help.
  20. Absolutely no clue. Everyone seems to have their eye on 2020. Seems like new dorms would be the safest bet.
  21. This. I was there a week ago with Fast Lane Plus, and the only long line was Steel Vengeance. In my mind, it's an absolute steal for a park like Cedar Point. I rode Dragster 30 times with that beautiful wristband. Steel Vengeance might still be 45 minutes, but it's a hell of a lot better than 2+ hours.
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