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  1. I truly can't think of any rights being taken away, unless you wanted to ride the original Mean Streak but the mean executives at Cedar Point removed your right to do that. Can't wait to see what these changes look like after they come to fruition. I'll be watching this thread like a hawk after opening weekend. Frontiertown looks like nearly all the food and beverage places are being upgraded, hopefully that includes a new look that fits the theme. Maverick adding the tunnel effects back is another bonus I wasn't expecting. That area around Wicked Twister is going to be an interesting follow, I'm assuming 2019 addition will be going there.
  2. I wouldn't have any problem waiting in that type of line just for the atmosphere of opening day.
  3. Love seeing this thing testing. Can't wait for reviews to start rolling in. Cedar Fair is going all out on these first two RMC's, and I'm hoping that continues through the chain.
  4. So, basically just 'keep your foot in it' and the ERT crowds will dissipate near the end? I don't think crowds are all that terrible during the ERT events anymore, not since it stopped being a free event. So I'd expect plenty of rides on Maverick and Steel Vengeance.
  5. So no FL plus when I visit there? You will more likely than not ride everything in the park within three hours, multiple times, including as many rides on Demon Drop as you'd like! The only negative with Steel Vengeance, I wonder how it will change my morning ritual of riding Maverick non stop until 5 minutes before the park opens, and then heading to Dragster for opening. Two reasons it might have an affect, more people in the back of the park making longer lines, and I don't know how I'll be able to resist getting into the Steel Vengeance line. That was some of the most glorious riding time in the history of riding time.
  6. Coasters on my list that I will probably ride next year -------------------- El Toro Kingda Ka Time Traveler Outlaw Run Superman (SFNE) Wicked Cyclone Steel Vengeance Twisted Timbers Skyrush Fahreinheit Storm Runner Storm Chaser Lightning Run _______________________ New Texas Giant Titan Iron Rattler Wonder Woman
  7. Possibly the trains? Or maybe the sign is done. Either way, it'll be a cool little announcement.
  8. Based off of me personally talking to guests the past 3 seasons they usually said their favorite ride was either Millennium, Dragster or Gatekeeper. Occasionally guests would say their favorite was Maverick or Raptor. For me, it seems most prefer Maverick with a side of GateKeeper and Millennium Force. I noticed that people weren't quite as high on Valravn as I expected.
  9. Hopefully they move some more dorms off site, and add a hotel, and make copious amounts of money that they will spend on the 2020 addition.
  10. After getting many runs on Lightning Rod, I am glad Steel Vengeance has a mid course. Might be nice to have a small moment of calm in the middle of this beast.
  11. Finally got to visit this park a couple weeks back. That cinnamon bread hype is not unwarranted. Wow. What else? Lightning Rod is also worth the hype. There was no lines on the Sunday I visit, so I got repeated rides on this beast. My legs were in pain after a while because of that airtime. The initial launch, wave turn, and quad down were all standout moments for me. Back seat is definitely my go to, but it was good everywhere on the train. The new launch tower was a lot of fun, and gave great views of the land clearing.
  12. I'm going through this way and was wondering if the entire park is open for the Christmas event? I was unable to get the park map to load on my phone.
  13. I was thinking about making a pit stop at Dollywood for the first time on Sunday. Is there any coasters that are closed this time of year? What do I absolutely need to do besides ride LIghtning Rod if going through the area? This is an impromptu trip.
  14. I'm almost as excited for this as I am for Steel Vengeance. 2018 is going to be a phenomenal coaster year.
  15. This thread is alternating between cringe worthy and beautiful, I'd have it no other way.
  16. And Valravn still has a longer vertical drop. This drop looks like the Goliath drop on steroids. This might be the part of the ride I"m looking forward to most, but I can't say for sure because of that outward banked turn, that second inversion, and the ride through the structure. So much epicness in one ride.
  17. I mean, come on'. That's a great deal. Also, unrelated to the Browns, but Cedar Point has the big crane on site!
  18. I am a man! A manly man in tights (tight tights) and I like GateKeeper a whole lot'.
  19. It's so beautiful. Can't wait for 2018. It's going to be a great coaster year.
  20. My top 7 1. Cedar Point 2. Phantasialand 3. Knoebels 4. Magic Mountain 5. Kings Dominion 6. Kings Island 7. Europa
  21. I agree with pretty much everything you said Bill. Raging Bull, in particular, was an impressive coaster. The person I went to GAm with preferred it to Goliath, even.
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