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  1. Not sure exactly what time I'll get there. Hopefully at opening, likely a little later. I won't be doing any mazes and I'll likely avoid any VR rides due to the slow loading process. Flash pass sadly won't happen, either. Thanks for the quick response and advice! Wish I had more time at the park. This will also make my third RMC, can't wait to see how it compares to Twisted Colossus and Goliath.
  2. Hey guys, never been to this park and I don't have a lot of time when I go (October 28th). Are the Halloweekends crowds crazy, and is there any chance I'd be able to get on everything in 4 hours?! If not, I need some must rides. There's one attraction in particular I'm excited about, but I know very little about the park in general.
  3. I thought I was going to visit Texas early on, decided to finally make a trip up to Canada. 2016 so far (bold are parks that were new for me) Valleyfair Six Flags Great America Six Flags St. Louis Cedar Point Knoebels Canada's Wonderland Michigan Adventures Still going to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Six Flags Magic Mountain
  4. It's a little sad that so many people assume they are faking these photos. No. It's just sad that people care so much... It reminds me of a six-year-old trying to figure out what his parents are getting him for Christmas. You think a 6 year old trying to figure out what his parents are getting him for Christmas is sad? Seriously, it's a discussion forum and we are using it for the right reason. It's actually entertaining, unlike the boat talk we got last offseason. This is why I'm personally glad Cedar Point didn't announce the RMC already.
  5. It's a little sad that so many people assume they are faking these photos.
  6. I think it's a brilliant move from a marketing standpoint, to not announce it yet. The water park / resort upgrades will drive families, and us thrill junkies are pretty automatic once we hear the letters R M C. I'm also going to add, someone talked about a hybrid wooden coaster being promoted on the parks Fun TV, inside the park. Now, to answer some questions. The Sports park is being paid for mostly from a 2 percent increased bed tax for Eerie County. The park is only putting in 2 million (I want to say), as is Sports Force Park. The water park upgrade seems rather pedestrian for a park that's the size of Cedar Point. Even Carowinds, who had a larger expansion, added something inside the park, only a year after adding a coaster with twice the price tag of Valravn. The water tower should have been on this years budget, or at least that's my best guess. Has nothing to do with next year. Infrastructure happens every year. These are minor things.
  7. Cedar Point is spending a ridiculous amount of money on additions already. They're currently making huge expansions to 2 hotels and expanding and renovating the water park all while a major RMC coaster project seems to be going on and they're building a sports complex off point and relocating a 200 foot Sky Coaster. Plus they just built the world's tallest dive coaster this year. The Breakers expansion is for 2018... The sports complex isn't a huge expense for them, relocating a sky coaster is peanuts. I'm still going with 2017. No RMCs announced, nothing has been announced in park. They are already working on Mean Streak and closed it early and teased it. 2017 seems logical
  8. Right?! It being 2017 is BULL@$:&, good BULL$&@" but BULL!!!!. Actually, I'd guess 2017 based purely on a the early start, the lack of other RMC projects, and the fact that Cedar Point hasn't announced their in park additions yet.
  9. Is there really more coming to Cedar Fair, Richard Michael Crosby?! Still hoping Cedar Fair adds some RMC's to the lineup for 2017 (or 18).
  10. It's people like you that ruined the ride for everyone else. We found Henry.
  11. I feel like the news stations, this website, and the Cedar Point themed websites would have received something prepping them for an announcement, if it were happening on the 16th. At least, that's what happened with Valravn.
  12. You rang? Every Motel 6 is pet friendly. If you're going the cheap route I actually don't mind pet friendly hotels. I'd much rather stay in a hotel that's cheap because it's full of people with pets than a hotel that's cheap because it's full of teenagers who play ultimate frisbee in the parking lot until 4AM (looking at you piece of sh*t Super 8 near Kings Island). I like dogs, I don't like people. : You rang? I'm 26 though, I can see how you'd be confused, I look twelve and was throwing a frisbee around...
  13. And yet I feel like both Cedar Point and Dollywood would have rather had Valravn.
  14. How much did Cedar Fair pay for that ad? Edit - I accidently went all Amy Shumer with this post. My apologizes coasterbill.
  15. That GateKeeper crew is insane. When I was there, I assumed they were doing a power hour, only to come back later in the day and they were still sprinting around. I actually heard someone complain that they were moving TOO fast.
  16. Ummmm, "Officials broke ground on the first phase of the $23.5 million project this month, " Umm.. I didn't say anything about the total cost, most of which Cedar Point is NOT fronting. "As part of the project, Cedar Point bought the land at 3115 Cleveland Road for $3.5 million, formerly Griffing Sandusky Airport. The project also received $3 million from Sports Force Park for the project ,with the remaining $17 million coming from the countywide bed tax, which is money taxed on patrons staying at hotels in Erie County." www.portclintonnewsherald.com/story/news/local/2016/09/01/235-million-cedar-point-sports-complex-track/89720094/
  17. Two things, they didn't spend 23 million on the Sports Complex. I want to say 2 million was the amount they put into it, and the initial resort investment came directly from the money they got selling the water park. Sounds like Cedar Point is getting great return on investment lately, with the additional resort upgrades.
  18. Hopefully some information drops soon! I want to know what's happening with Mean Streak, and when.
  19. I got a text saying there's some rather large trucks from Idaho parked across the street from the Castaway Bay lot, can anyone confirm?
  20. The distinction doesn't matter to most of us, as long as it's a great ride.
  21. I've been wanting to do a Valleyfair / Mall of America / Target Field trip for awhile now. The fact that in the event of bad weather you can just decide last minute what day is a Valleyfair day and what day is a mall day makes it even more appealing. Neither park seems overly amazing (though the flume at Mall of America is calling my name), but it sounds like it would be a fun trip. There's also a billion dollar football stadium that might be worth checking out! As for the Duluth portion of this trip - next time people go to that city, they need to head to the Bent Paddle Brewery. That's good stuff.
  22. He was talking about Cedar Point trolling us with his comment, or at least, that's how I read it. So many signs pointing towards RMC. I'm definitely leaning towards 2017 over 2018.
  23. Yeah this means nothing. So someone asked a question about the 150th anniversary (so they were prompted, they didn't just bring this up themselves) and they said they would celebrate it the right way. Kings Dominion would have said the same thing. What do you think they're going to say? "Oh the 150th anniversary year, Yeah we're not doing sh*t. We're totally gonna blow that one". Youre right, but I recall Tony bringing it up organically. I was putting more emphasis on what he said than what Jason said. Them mentioning 2020 five years in advance prove that they care at least a little. Everyone saying otherwise is wrong... Nothin controversial about that statement.
  24. Well done. I tend to agree, for most parks. Still, it's an easy marketing opportunity for the park and it's been brought up multiple times already. I'd be shocked if they didn't add something huge.
  25. Except that Jason and Tony have already brought that year up. No, I'm not making it up. People on this site are so defensive. Jason answered a question sometime before the Valravn announcement, saying they will celebrate 150 the right way. Tony Clark brought it up in a YouTube video a while back, can't recall the full details.
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