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  1. The main gimmick being, "we have the best roller coasters". Tallest, fastest, longest, most inversions... Those don't make the rides themselves gimmicky. It makes them (in theory) bad ass.
  2. I also hope it's an airtime filled monster, but I want at least one stall. I wouldn't classify the overbanks or inversions as gimmicks. They are a lot of fun on these coasters.
  3. Looking at these photos, I really think this coaster is going to surprise people.
  4. Same. I have absolutely no idea what's happening on the back half of that second hill. It could be Storm Chaser like, or, uhh, a quick jolt to the left before straightening out?
  5. I just feel like they will want to publicize the topping of the lift, and they can't currently do that since there's been no announcement.
  6. ^ I'm 6'1 and I love Maverick, and the snappyness is a big reason behind that. Millennium has held up so well. 17 years later and it's still in a ton of top 10s, even on this website with some of the most well traveled enthusiasts. Best investment in Cedar Point history?
  7. ^ I nearly had a heart attack in 2004 when I was crossing the causeway. My only basis of comparison at that time was Valleyfair.
  8. I feel like I was just initiated into the Cedar Point fanboy cult after watching that video. The hype for Millennium Force must have been off the charts. I'd be at Battery Park taking pictures of Millennium every day during construction of that beauty.
  9. I can't be the only one that doesn't understand the point of this comment? Yeah, it really sucks that they are taking an awful ride and trying to turn it into the best coaster in the world.
  10. Whoever it is that keeps taking one picture at a time of progress, I thank you.
  11. I tend to fall in between. My favorite things about the ride are the slow lift and the bunny hops at the end, but overall?! I prefer at least 5 other coasters at the park.
  12. As one of my favorite comedians Patrice O'Neal would say, "Funny is funny". Intent is what matters here. I mean, come on man... You're not actually offended by what was written. ... I am offended about how quickly we got off the topic of Melt, though. Let's get to the point.
  13. People believed when the ride had track going up in early October, that a two year construction timeline seemed ridiculous. It still kind of does. But at the time, 2017 wasn't a crazy thought. The prevailing thought was that they would announce it for the Holidays.
  14. I am planning on heading to this park sometime this year. I was just wondering if there's an optimal path when hitting attractions, and what time of year is least likely to yield ridiculous lines / whatever other tidbits you can throw in to make it a smooth experience.
  15. Wouldn't Hurler be the first RMC in the Cedar Fair chain?! The article doesn't even mention that ride.
  16. Me too. This boat joke is the coaster enthusiast of jokes.
  17. At this point, I wonder if they wish they had. After year one, I'd think so. That picture from Phoenix blows me away. Fortunately it wasn't like that when I visit earlier this year.
  18. I was going to ask the same thing. It looks like they are in place on one of the turns, for sure.
  19. I305 and Fury are both much better than Millennium, I thought. Hypers, I'm going with Behemoth.
  20. It isn't a wooden coaster. and the lift is already taller than Maverick.
  21. Texas it is. That's all I've been waiting for, was a confirmation one way or the other. Now I can make next years plans.
  22. Looking at the amount of room left, I'd say 200 looks very possible. As for these photos, I have a feeling TPR will be taking them down shortly.
  23. So, basically the same thing they have been doing forever. I hope you're wrong, but I won't get my hopes up.
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