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  1. I've yet to buy Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus, but that is going to change once The New Mean Streak opens. A big group of us will head to the park, buy Fast Lane plus, ride TNMaS and Maverick 40 times, call it a day, and head to Knoebels for Phoenix.
  2. I'm not about to complain that a park has too many good coasters. If the park was saturated with terrible coasters like Canada's Wonderland, I'd understand the argument. The fact that Valravn and GateKeeper aren't considered star attractions in the eyes of some people is a good thing. That just shows how strong of a lineup the park has.
  3. From what I've gathered, enthusiasts hate enthusiasts. Enthusiasts hate GP. Enthusiasts love boats.
  4. I'll make a top ten list for the park. 1.) Maverick 2.) Millennium Force 3.) Top Thrill Dragster 4.) Valravn 5.) GateKeeper 6.) Raptor 7.) Magnum 8.) Rougaru 9.) Wicked Twister 10.) Gemini
  5. CP Rundown has a photo that appears to show an RMC on 2017 season pass promotion.
  6. Same. No matter what direction this thread goes in, someone pops up every other page bashing the current direction the thread is going. Those are the most annoying of the posts in here.
  7. ^ Yes I did. Yfz450, joined Themeparkcritic way back in 03 or 04 as a young pup. I was actually just talking with my cousin about Themeparkcritic and he asked "Is larrygator still around?", and he was never a member of that site. Bill - When people took offense to what you wrote in our discussion about 2017 vs 2018, I wasn't one of them. You're entitled to your opinion, I just thought it was a worthy discussion. Others obviously disagreed, which is why the threads were separated.
  8. Absolutely agree, although, I have every step of the speculation thus far.
  9. That's a far cry from your stance no more than a week ago when everyone arguing 2017 was being ridiculous, or whatever term you used. Glad to see Larrygator bring the thread to order, he's been one of my favorite posters since the TPCritic days. I am and have been team 17, which seemed more obvious than 18'. That stance has been reconfirmed today when reading Irvine Ondrey Engineering's facebook page, and they wrote something along the lines of, "Could we be working on another classic from the 90s age of the coaster wars next year? Details as soon as I can. Spring is looking really, really full for us!"
  10. ^ Oh man, my buddy was security. After the show, you'll know why Randy and Mr. Lahey put him in a tough spot... He ended up going out afterwards with them, unfortunately it was a work night and I had to be up by 7 AM (already 1 AM by the time I got the text) Still regret not going, though. Would have been a good time. To stay on topic, Cedar Point is a great, great, great, tremendous park.
  11. After reading this thread I'm going to need 7-10M worth of alcohol between now and the time this thing actually opens in 2018. It's okay, you have friends to help. #sharingiscaring Not at all related to the current discussion of 2017 v 2018, and every other poster talking about how they are leaving the thread after finding it in its current state... but I went to see Randy and Mr. Lahey live this year. Recommended for any fans of Trailer Park Boys.
  12. Both 2017 and 2018 have solid arguments. I'm torn, only arguing 2017 because it's more than possible. 2017 - RMCs don't take 20+ months to construct. They wouldn't have closed Mean Streak early. They haven't announced anything for the dry side of the park. RMC doesn't have any announced projects. 2018 - more time between coasters. If I'm not mistaken, the initial stake said "RMC 18", spent a lot of capital on things outside the park for 2017, lack of announcement.
  13. That GateKeeper crew this season made sure there was almost never a line for that ride. They were incredible.
  14. I was waiting for someone to bring up those 2 examples from more than 10 years ago. I almost put in a disclaimer but I thought it was obvious that the parks had entirely different ownership groups and marketing departments back then so it went without saying that those examples were irrelevant I knew you'd bring that up, but the fact remains that it has happened. I'm just going to remind you that the park didn't initially announce Luminosity, instead they promoted Dino's Alive as the 'new for' addition. There is interest around Mean Streak. There is no reason to announce What's happening too soon or the talk ends, especially when us enthusiasts will go either way, and they are already marketing a brand new water park, sports complex, and updates to a hotel. If they don't announce it by the Holidays, I'd expect 2018... As of now, too much points to the ride opening sooner rather than later. I could be wrong, you could be wrong. The park has done a good job keeping us guessing.
  15. No. And anyone who isn't on the 2018 bandwagon is delusional. When it's October and you're making a hard push for 2017 season passes, you do that by marketing your big new ride. If you have a coaster opening up that could potentially compete for the title of greatest coaster ever built you don't push a stupid water slide. Water park*. I like you, Bill, but you make a lot of statements presented as fact ("photoshopped obviously!"). At the rate they are getting construction done, is be shocked if it wasn't 2017. Thinking that isn't delusional. Edit - the park would NEVER wait to promote a coaster, right? Nomember announcement for Wicked Twister and January for Top Thrill Dragster say otherwise. With recent construction timelines being around 9 months, Cedar Point closing the red early in the season, someone seeing a teaser on fun TV with what looked like an RMC on it, the closing ceremony with Richard Michael Crosby, construction already in high gear, no announced projects for next year, etc, etc. Also gotta think about the massive Breakers expansion in 2018 likely costs more than EVERYTHING Cedar Point is adding on this years budget. A lot of logical reasons to think 2017
  16. Renegade is running great right now. I had a night ride on it Saturday that was life changing, almost Prowler at night level.
  17. I'd plan a trip to a park that only had RMCStreak, Maverick, and Skyhawk.
  18. Glad to see this park doing so well. I'm thinking about making my first trip to the park next year after the awesome additions they've made over the last few seasons.
  19. This is random, but Twisted Colossus was just shown on my local news... I'm in northern Minnesota. Can't wait to head back to the park next month. It was a sign.
  20. You misinterpret them, the number was photoshopped on the picture. The rest is real.
  21. I didn't, and I'm sure the other guy didn't. Simply showing him that his material is woefully out of date.
  22. Someone said they were ripping out track in the station, as of yesterday.
  23. ^ Nope. Me and my crack team couldn't decipher that comment either.
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