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  1. I'm sure a couple of the older more used strippers will stop at Dorney after spending a good amount of time at another park first.
  2. Oh, please do! I pop in there from time to time because I'm planning to visit that park this summer, but every time I do I regret it. That thread needs strippers badly. Can confirm. I would visit Valleyfair, my home park, more often if there were additional strippers.
  3. It wasn't necessary, but you go above and beyond. Thank you, SixFlagsAstroworld
  4. Fine. Phoenix is my favorite wooden coaster. It was a complete surprise to me on my trip to Knoebels, and I cannot wait to get a lot more rides on it.
  5. Just found out I can squeeze in a day at Knoebels for my second trip to the park. Phoenix isn't atop my coaster list but it might be my favorite coaster in the world (if that makes sense)
  6. How are the lines early in the season? I'm planning on making a trip to the park next Sunday. Will I need a full day at the park? Also, is the virtual reality ready? Thanks guys!
  7. Feathers of a bird makes a lot more sense there. I like it. I don't see how it's a generic station, when it doesn't look like any other station in the park or elsewhere in the Cedar Fair chain.
  8. I can't wait until July when I get on this coaster. I've still never been to CW, and yet I'm more excited to head back to Cedar Point for the 50th time, than my first trip to Toronto.
  9. Yes. For me, I thought Beast was overrated, but it started raining just as I was about to get a famed 'night ride' on it. Also thought Banshee was a bit overrated, but then again, I only rode it a few times, at the beginning of the day.
  10. With over 3.5 million visitors to be exact! That's an exact number, folks.
  11. Absolutely. I was just having a little fun, and wanted to talk about some COLD FROZEN WATER hockey for a moment. Back to your regularly scheduled programming... Edit - did you seriously call it FOOD STORE?!?
  12. I did a field test by asking people I know, and at least in Minnesota, it's just called hockey UNLESS you are playing some other variation of it (floor, field, roller). To me, it's exactly the same. Unnecessarily adding a word. I got the point, I'd rather discuss hockey than complain about Dollywood, or complain about the people upset that this epic coaster isn't open yet. Especially now that my Minnesota Wild look like they will be making the post season. Remember, you're the one that brought 'ice' hockey up repeatedly in your post. I was just continuing the discussion. That being said, glad I didn't plan a trip yet. This looks like it could catapult right to the top of my ride-list, and I'd hate to miss it.
  13. I imagine it's the price. Sounds like he's not 25, which means renting a car is going to be a big expense.
  14. Who calls it "ice hockey"? That's like saying "the" before every coaster you list.
  15. They aren't even good flyers (Knoebels!!). I also did a temporary switch to Six Flags season passes this year. Might make the trip for Valravn, or CW.. But I'm not planning on hitting up Valleyfair this year.
  16. I have never had a problem with it. Although, I have only had a couple rides on it in the last two seasons (Only going to Valleyfair to process my Cedar Fair pass). I only got one ride on Prowler but it was amazing. Better than any I've had on Renegade, through the pitch dark night, to end an epic amusement park trip. Again, no problems with roughness. GCI still isn't atop my wishlist for Cedar Point, but I have the utmost confidence in Cedar Fair.
  17. He was laying it on pretty thick there... Sounds like he had a pretty awful experience last year. After finally getting out to Magic Mountain, this park is on the top of my must visit list next to Dollywood. Hopefully I have a better experience, because those coasters look incredible.
  18. Any guesses to what the queue line will have? My guess is shade.
  19. The only benefit I see in SFGAdv getting a giga is shorter lines for El Toro Even though you have 3 gigas in your top 5 steel? A Fury-esque giga would be the PERFECT compliment to El Toro and SFGradv would probably at that point have the best coaster collection in the world. I was going to say, there is a benefit of having a giga at the park... Not sure SFGadv would have the best collection in the world at that point (Cedar Point could make a claim) but it would certainly jump to the #1 park I need to visit. Back to the topic of Magic Mountain. I think the worlds tallest, fastest dive coaster would be an amazing addition to Magic Mountain.
  20. I'm pretty sure that MCBR is higher than the place I actually bungee jumped at. I'd pay upwards of 100 to do that, easy, if they somehow built an added platform for Bungee Jumping. Solid business idea!
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