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  1. I'm pretty confident 2019 won't bring anything major. Sounds like 2020 is going to be a big one for the parks anniversary.
  2. Gone downhill? The park is so much better than it was in 2006, it's not even comparable. The atmosphere, shows, lights, beach, coasters.. Still my favorite park, followed closely by Knoebels (whoever said enough talk about Phoenix, never) As for 2017 - I expect a slide complex closer to Valleyfair than Kings Island in height / speed.
  3. I'm still holding out hope for both a water park expansion and mean streak redo. It's Cedar Point, and they have followed a similar time table in the past (see GateKeeper, Rougauru)
  4. ^^ The Beach looks awesome. What all can you do in that ball pit? Foamball factories are a lot of fun, and I'd love to start an all out war in there.
  5. Just because I am curious. . . Were you dropped/thrown on your head as a child?? The front seat on TTD is the only place to sit. You think there's only one row on TTD and I'M the one that got dropped on his head?! I was kidding. Front row is great on Dragster. I usually don't wait since I've been on the ride so many times, but any and all first time riders should definitely experience it at least once.
  6. I really like Dragster in any seat, and wouldn't recommend waiting for the front if the line is that much longer. Especially once this new RMC is in the park. There's no real reason to be out of that area by Maverick/NewMeanStreak for too long.
  7. When has GCI ever worked on something as large as Mean Streak?
  8. Probably not. At least directly. It's far more likely they are announcing a ride closure.
  9. It's also my home park, and I'm not even a little sure. I'm not sure about a Triotech dark ride either. Or a flat ride. Or anything, really. I'm simply having fun with my predictions.
  10. I haven't been to Holiday World. I agree that Six Flags St. Louis has a good collection, as does Kings Island... It's Knoebels. Phoenix >>>>
  11. Cedar Point - RMC Mean Streak and a major water park expansion. The park is still being funded heavily into because of the Breakers upgrades. Turning Cedar Point into even more of a resort destination for multiple day visits. Kings Island - Mystic Timbers. Something in the shed. Carowinds - 4 or 5 new flat rides, depending on who you ask. Kings Dominion - Hurler retracking from GCI Valleyfair - Obviously a new B&M. This is the biggest addition in the chain this year, sorry Canada's Wonderland. Canada's Wonderland - Ziz. A brand new water slide. Knotts - new food offerings. Worlds of Fun - 1 or 2 flat rides depending entirely on how many Carowinds gets. Dorney Park - whatever flat rides are removed from Worlds of Fun and Carowinds to make room for their new refurbished flat rides. Michigan's Adventure - Perfect the way it is. Nothing. They don't want to mess up the charm this park has developed over the last many years of nothing. California's Great America - I'll jump on the conversion train.
  12. Interesting. That's an early announcement. Maybe, just maybe, this year wont amount to less than nothing.
  13. Instead of doing a whole TR, I'm just going to mention a few highlights and lowlights highlights - The VR, Leviathan & Behemoth, Wonder Mountain, a lot of coaster whoring, pathetic Canadian dollar means more value, very cool flat ride collection. Lowlights - This park had some serious line jumping when I was there. At Wonder Mountain was the first case, where an employee kept letting people in and out of line. I've never seen so many people go through the queue with their bags, go put them down, and then be allowed right back where they were. Or run to the restroom and come back to their spot in line. Quite a contrast from Six Flags, where they give you a ticket with a number. The second case was on Leviathan. Leviathan, 1 kid turned into 12 kids about midway through the line, and they tried summoning even more friends. Two groups of people behind them, stopped them from allowing it to happen anymore. One guy in front of these kids tried to defend them. It escalated. Everyone was yelling. The kids all ended up getting kicked out of line just prior to the stairs, but not before letting their voices be heard. Yelling obscenities to everyone. -- Neither really bothered me. The Leviathan case was actually quite entertaining. Made the line go much faster than it otherwise would have. Still, kinda shocking. Security did a great job. Food services - So unbelievably awful. Over two full days in the park, we didn't have a meal go smoothly. Not once. Other people had similar incidents. Talked with an ACE member, and he said it's the worst he's ever seen it.
  14. RMC would make the lineup so much better it's ridiculous. I've said this before, but I'd spend about half my time in that section of the park between RMC Streak and Maverick. This is after only riding Twisted Colossus and Goliath... Two lesser RMCs
  15. I wish my party wasn't all exhausted so we could continue to take advantage of this amazing occurrence.
  16. Yeah, IH is one of CP's beers but it seems like they put it in a position in which it could be a clue. Of course anything's a possibility at this point so who knows Between that, the markers, the rumors of it closing after July, and a lot of wishful thinking. Where there's smoke there's Mean Streak.
  17. Finally made it out to the park Sunday and Monday. I think every coaster except Goliath exceeded or met my expectations, Raging Bull in particular. Goliath was my second RMC and still awesome, but I prefer Twisted Colossus by a decent margin. Still the best ride in a very good park. Notes - first park I've been to since Pokemon Go. I had to get it myself and now I'm addicted. Crazy amounts of people playing and talking about that game. - someone had the same Maverick shirt as me. We had a good discussion about coasters by Whizzer. If you're on this site, have fun on that epic coaster trip. - so many people on Monday braving the heat. 101 degrees according to my car.
  18. I'm just guessing most of us would try for tomorrow. Saturday lines are to be avoided at all costs, I'd rather be rained on..
  19. Oh come on! Someone ranking Valleyfair below the Michigan park?! That's difinitive proof Valleyfair needs a new coaster pronto. RMC Hurler. Please make it happen. I need more RMCs in my life.
  20. I was just saying in the Cedar Point thread that Kings Dominion is my number two park in the chain. If Hurler gets the RMC treatment, it will be well entrenched into that spot. Haven't been to CW (less than two weeks) or Knotts. 1. Cedar Point 2. Kings Dominion 3. Kings Island 4. Carowinds Worlds of Fun, Dorney, Valleyfair
  21. I already really like the Kings Dominion ride lineup and layout of the park. Actually my second favorite in the chain. Add an RMC to a lineup that has I-305?! A return trip is in order. Still hoping for Mean Streak, though. edit - I really hope that doesn't mean GCI is going to work on Mean Streak.
  22. Is three hours enough time to hit up everything major at this park? Edit - reading the thread now and seeing almost this exact discussion.
  23. The Boss is way better than Mean Streak. I ride in the front and hold myself forward every time, still dislike it greatly.
  24. Didn't get on the bumper cars last year, I feel like a bad person. Impulse was also broken. Excited to try this coaster out in July for a ride or two, in between my 30 rides on Phoenix and the Flyers.
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