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  1. What roller coasters are typically closed for Holiday in the Park?
  2. Are there reservations available for 6/26? I don’t want to buy a ticket and find out that the day is all booked. If someone can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Chickie and Pete's is not returning for 2020. It looks like Valleyfair will be bringing back Stadium Grille. This was the name of the sports bar several years ago. Personally, Chickie's was one of the better food options in the park. Sad to see it go - even though the building remains.
  4. According to the website listed below, Six Flags Over Texas will be receiving a Mack Power Splash. This is found in shipping archives, and is known to be accurate. It has been confirmed by industry insiders. Should be a fun edition! I believe SFOG could receive the same. https://panjiva.com/Six-Flags-Over-Texas/2136796
  5. I personally believe Cedar Fair’s next move has to be adding on to the water park. Right now, we have a good foundation - but there needs to be more. I think that if Looping Starship is removed, there is enough room for a large addition (i.e. mat racer). Completely separate- I think the outdoor stage by the Galaxy Theater has seen its last days. This year, the Chick-fil-a stand is right there. While this plot of land is so small that it’s not really usable, I could see a more permanent Chick-fil-a restaurant/stand being built. Valleyfair’s attendance seems down this year. Let’s hope for some change this offseason with a new addition.
  6. Are there any permits filed for Valleyfair in the county or city?
  7. Going back to the loose article policy, I think a lot of the concern draws from the fact that many people are literally addicted to their cell phones. Even 5-10 years ago, this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. I think now, people always feel that they “NEED” to check Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram every 15 minutes. Yes, I get it would be nice (and pretty standard) to have your phone in a line that long, but it is really sad to see that people seem to believe they can’t survive without it.
  8. No FastLane needed; I suggest this order: - Steel venom - High roller - Mad mouse - Renegade - Excalibur - Wild Thing - Corkscrew
  9. This is a bad thing? I'm kind of baffled as to how this is surprising. If I’m a paying guest at a theme park, I shouldn’t have to hear many, many ads about buying something; I’m here to see a dog show — not watch ads.
  10. Anybody else see the new dog show? I thought it was OK. Good: some good tricks, visually pleasing Bad: lots of advertising (buy this souvenir save the dogs), very repetitive, dogs don’t always do what they are supposed to
  11. Chick-Fil-a is at VF now? That is news to me. Where is it? Must have missed it on my couple visits this year. Chik-Fil-A has taken over the Chicken Shack by Planet Snoopy on select days. Locations outside the park are sponsoring(?) it. So it does not appear to be a permanent Chick-Fil-A location. Temporary this year but the manager said there are plans to bring Chick-fil-a full time to VF next year. I’m not lying or exaggerating.
  12. I am looking for information on getting a job at Valleyfair this year as an instrumentalist, but I see no openings on the Jobs website. Does anybody have any Valleyfair entertainment email addresses? Or if an outside company produces the shows, do you know what company that is?
  13. I'll bet if you asked most of the people who voted in the Golden Tickets they wouldn't even know what Flight of Passage is. They probably would think it's some B&M Wing Rider at a Happy Valley park. We really need a new "Mitch Hawker" style poll so we don't have to rely on a "best of" list that is a complete fucking joke. I rode both this summer and Mystic Timbers is a much better ride.
  14. Went on them a couple weeks ago. As a person who doesn't really like inverted coasters, I don't mind them going, but I am concerned about the replacement. If Universal ends up making an "all-screens" roller coaster like Gringotts, I will be upset! I hope they make something like Revenge of the Mummy, where the car continues to move (and doesn't stop at every set) and has a thrilling piece to it. Universal has changed. That's fine-- and IMO, it's mostly for the better. But why Universal continues to keep The Lost Continent open shocks me. 2 meh at-best shows with a HUGE piece of land would be a prime place to expand Harry Potter. While I personally don't really care for the ride (I really like New Hulk), I think it's an odd move for Universal.
  15. They have some at Valleyfair and they force everyone, cash or credit, to use them. I like them personally, but a couple complaints: - If you have cash, you get a receipt and then have to go to a person, creating an extra step. - Some transactions like bottle refills don't work on the consoles.
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