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  1. I haven't been to Kings Island in a few years, but this and Mystic Timbers have me itching for a return trip. I think this ride looks better than Leviathan and probably better than Millennium. When I last visit Kings Island, my main issue was that they lacked a stand out attraction. The park had a lot of good coasters but no great coasters. I thought Diamondback was the closest. A night ride on Mystic Timbers, I thought, could change that. This looks even better.
  2. I feel like this was put out to temper expectations a bit. Wouldn't be shocked at some sort of pirate ride type addition, obviously updated. Also bringing back retro food and beverage choices. Add a retro area similar to Route 76 at Valleyfair or County Fair (is that the name?) at Carowinds.
  3. I'll dedicate a lap on Nitro to you this weekend. Appreciate it, fam.
  4. Don't know much about it yet. Guess we'll find out. Why are we so adverse to discussion around here? It's the offseason now. Time to turn that pent up non-riding into something useful, useless speculation.
  5. So, is everyone still thinking 2020 is the year for something big?
  6. 1. Top Thrill Dragster (420) 2. Superman Escape from Krypton (415) 3. Fury (325) 4. Millennium Force (310) 5. Leviathan (306) 6. Intimidator (305) 7. Titan (245) 8. Goliath (235) 9. Intimidator (232) 10 Diamondback (230)
  7. Blasphemous Chicago Deep Dish > life itself. Honestly the main reason I'm thinking about visiting this park again next year, get myself some Lou Malnati's and maybe ride Maxx Force or whatever. Edit - I know the locals are all about the thin crust, but that's what I go to New York for.. so I get deep dish in Chicago. It hasn't failed me yet. Even Giordano's and Uno's are really good. Pequads is next on the list to try though, keep hearing great things.
  8. That same ride would also have a 48 inch height requirement at Cedar Point for some reason.
  9. ^ I'm glad. Also glad to have hit the park when it wasn't doing so hot (because of the heat)
  10. I always hope Magic Mountain is going to blow me away with their addition. If this thing is impressive at all, I'll be making a return trip next year.
  11. Very nice photos and great TR as well. Glad to be semi-quoted in here with my thoughts about Millennium Force being down not ruining the trip. Our opinions align when it comes to Steel Vengeance. I knew after only one ride that it was the best coaster I've ever been on, and every ride that followed (all 7) reaffirmed that belief. When I rode in the front, this was probably my favorite moment on the ride. I thought the airtime in the first half was stronger up there (excluding the first drop). Overall, back is the way to go, as the first half is brilliant either way, and the second half is insane.
  12. That and Titan, which straight up tries to put you to sleep on the helix, are both extremely underrated in my mind. Titan is actually my favorite ride at Over Texas.
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