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  1. I'd put my money on BUDGET. They wanted a new coaster. It's been a few years since their last one and this fit a category and a friendly price while also investing money elsewhere and in other projects. That and the money being spent on the Dragster refresh is probably coming from this years budget and 2024. It's hard to imagine but the park is a business and doesn't have unlimited funds to just drop in whatever thoosies want. Decisions have to be made that are best and check off numerous boxes, including cost. Family coasters aren't meant for people who post on forums, You're not their targeted audience. Spinning mice are extremely fun and it was something the park needed. I really miss Wildcat and while this isn't that, it'll do the job. The park survived just fine with Wildcat in their line up for decades.
  2. Nah, this makes the park more attractive to be purchased by CF in the future.
  3. This is nothing but opinion based on my own experience. I worked Grizzly Run at GL for 4 seasons. We had rafts flip a few times, never with guests (while I worked there). They would only flip when water levels were too low. Causing the raft to hit the bottom or something and flip. Again, not stating that what occurred on one ride 20 years ago is the same cause that occurred on this ride. Just my first had experience from being an operator of a raft ride.
  4. This was me. My family had a cruise scheduled for November 2020. Obviously canceled. I was put in charge of rescheduling and chose August 2022 just to be safe.
  5. I’m still sticking with my original thought of either: Dollywood, SDC, or Holiday World. In rough order of somewhat likely to least likely. Someone mentioned Morey’s a while back. I’m agreeing with this as a fun wildcard. But at the end of the day. Until a park starts showing some signs of construction or a tease campaign there’s nothing concrete to go off of.
  6. It may not be super creative but it’ll be sure to quickly pop up in google searches when people search “Niagara Falls.” Still shocked this is happening again and it’s the same company saving these parks. Good luck to them and I hope it’s successful and they’re not biting off more than they can chew too quickly.
  7. ^I think any new coaster would be amazing here. But a Raptor clone or a small Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter (like Tantrum at SFDL) would especially be perfect. I'd even settle for a GG family woodie! I have a feeling within the next year or 3 we will see a major dry ride addition at this park. I have loved watching this park come back to life and grow each year.
  8. Fastlane has always been advertised as "wait less, ride more." Regardless of how much you pay for it, as long as your wait is less than the stand-by wait you're getting what you paid for. It's the risk you take. Especially this season with how awful staffing will be. I know it sucks. It sucks to have to wait 30-45 mins in Fastlane but that's a hecking lot better than waiting 2+ hours in stand-by.
  9. The older of the two lazy rivers is not heated. So it is always cold. Helps make it feel more like being in Lake Erie for reals. lol
  10. I think if we learned anything from 2020 is that politicians never really or hardly ever do what's in the best interest for their constituents, their cities, etc.
  11. In North American English it can be used as a modifier: But, you are correct it is spelled wrong. lol Sorry, not trying to be a d**k, you sparked an interest so I looked it up. Back on topic.. personally I am hoping this is not a Raptor clone but a custom family coaster. I'd really like to see on of those pop up and at a FEC too would be pretty cool. Since their announcement mentions the design phase I'm hoping that's a hint it won't be a plug and play clone of any sort but a custom layout.
  12. Vague on details. So it'll be interesting to see what's built. Custom Raptor? Raptor clone? Newly announced family coaster. Another fun project to watch for 2022!
  13. I still really hate the trend of SF putting "coaster" in all the newer ride names. Whoever is on their marketing team that thought that was a good idea.. I dislike you very much and I hope you get diarrhea.
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