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  1. All I saw at the end of that video.. Honestly this is a great addition for this park and helps them with their core business. Also, if they saved a bunch of money by getting this used good for them too.
  2. I can see CP opening late due to staffing concerns once again. If there is little to no foreign help coming in again it just makes sense from a business stand point to reduce operating days before most universities and schools are out. If they're able to reopen all the parks they won't even have the small pool of full-timers from elsewhere in the chain to help out. Does it suck for us? Yep, but 2021 will most likely be this odd recovery year for most parks. Things will semi-normalize but at the same time we will see some changes remain in effect like reduction of hours or operating
  3. Not planning on doing much travel until vaccinated. But... Ideal: Trip back to Florida and Texas. Would also like to do a New England road trip. Ironically I have never been to a park in that area further north than Coney Island. I would also love to get out to Indiana Beach for the first time and support it's comeback. Reality: Probably will stick with Ohio parks this coming summer. Unless things really start to trend in the right direction.
  4. I wonder if a decent sized watercoaster could be on the table. Still fun watching this park come back to life and succeed.
  5. Most of the year the park is filled with food trucks while a good portion of the parks food stands are closed. Not sure if this would go over well just again due to how far away CP is from population centers. I for one would have no interest driving in from Cleveland to go to a food truck even where a lot of the trucks are from Cleveland anyway. I think it's more likely CP extends the season a few weeks into November and see how it goes first. I also think you would need a lot of infrastructure improvements, something like Harmony Hall or Festhaus built before any true December
  6. I'd prefer the rides Kennywood is removing if Indiana Beach wants to focus on classic rides.
  7. Kings Island Camp Cedar to Open Spring 2021 Source Kings Island Official Link MASON, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Construction of the $27 million Kings Island Camp Cedar is underway, and the new luxury outdoor resort is scheduled to open in the spring of 2021. The resort will feature modern lodging that will welcome Kings Island guests, families, vacationers and recreational vehicle (RV) travelers. Kings Island Camp Cedar is owned by Small Brothers, LLC and Terra Firma Associates. Through a unique partnership and licensing agreement, Kings Island Camp Cedar will be m
  8. Thinking about it logically it doesn't surprise me that CF is focusing these events at the parks that missed their summer seasons completely. To me it's a nice gesture to the pass holders who missed their season. Maybe this has nothing to do with it and I am thinking to much but to me it makes sense. Plus KD, Carowinds and CW are all 8 or less hours from KI. Make the weekend trip and support a park that may need it more than KI.
  9. I mean it was a Togo stand up. So it was awfully awesome. I rode King Cobra and it's sister Shockwave at KD. Neither ride was mind blowing but neither ride was absolutely awful either. I have had much worse experiences on B&M stand-ups.
  10. I appreciate that 2020 is ending with topper track being debated again...
  11. Pop* And it was a Squirt. Seriously an underrated citrus soda.
  12. This is awesome news. Was not expecting a "new" coaster to be added to the parks line up so soon.
  13. ^According to RCDB Rampage cost 4.3mil in 1998 or about $6.9 mil today adjusted for inflation. I'll throw out my arbitrary "fingers crossed for a new gen Vekoma" post here.. One day it'll happen.
  14. ^There is also the much smaller freespin version that we've seen pop up at Adventureland in Iowa. So that really wouldn't be a concern. I am just super pumped to see this park continue to succeed and grow.
  15. Definitely a hybrid hybrid. Tallest and fastest hybrid hybrid!
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