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  1. That giant thick tree trunk of a support in the middle is very interesting. Little thicc boi Really looking forward to a POV of this ride when it's available.
  2. I thought this for years. No way is brown meat water on noodles should be called chili. Then I ate it, hated it. Ate it again, hated it. For some reason ate it a third time and was like "meh it's not bad" then I kept eating it. Now I love the stuff. It's still brown meat water, just now it's delicious brown meat water to me. If it's good enough for Anthony Bourdain it's good enough for me!
  3. Rumors like this pop up often enough. The same thing was said about Valravn and CW. CP stole it! I would believe that the funding and cap-ex budget would change parks more so than the actual design was flat out cut, copied and pasted from one park or another. This isn't an old Vekoma Clone or an RMC Raptor clone. Most large investments like custom layout roller coasters are 2-5 year projects depending on scope, scale, and budget involved.
  4. One of my favorite things about this ride so far is that I noticed even the plastic over wrap on the trains is themed. Pictures I saw have "INGen" printed in black letters in the side. Kinda cool to take themeing that far for the ride.
  5. Pretty cool, not terribly priced. I'll have to see if any make it to Oct 5th and sold online. While I hated Vortex my nephew loved it for some reason and he just earned his Eagle Scout so this would be a cool little gift for him for that.
  6. At least us Browns fans wait till the bye week to completely give up on our team... before getting hurt again every Sunday. It's been my Sunday fall tradition since 1999! :audible sigh: KI does have one of the largest season pass bases in the chain and fall weekends is traditionally the busiest weekends for both Ohio parks.
  7. siiiiiiigh just another RMC.. ugh /s Awesome for the park! Congrats to everyone involved and the locals for getting an amazing addition.
  8. *fingers crossed* new-gen Vekoma (Lech clone preferably)
  9. Those lockers are really interesting. Also the queue.. I need to get to Germany.
  10. I'm gonna throw the positive vibes, thoughts and mojo out there for a new gen Vekoma. I have no evidence to believe this will happen other than I want one in the states.
  11. KI literally JUST opened a GIGA coaster this season and saw a ridiculously small fraction of the attendance expected due to COVID-19. You really expect another new coaster? Seriously? Even if the pandemic never happened and we had a fully normal season KI most likely would not open a new coaster after such a large investment in Orion.
  12. Between all my rides at CP and KI this season I have yet to adjust my mask once regardless of if it was a paper disposable mask or a cloth one. As long as it fits properly and you're wearing it correctly it's not a big deal.
  13. Nitrile gloves are provided before loading and hand sanitizer in the exit. Feel free to slap as much as ya like.
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