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  1. Definitely a cool and umm.. unique way to market these carnival rides at a park. I do look at it as thinking outside the box. CF made a pretty big deal about going out and getting retro rides and returning them to the parks. But not much came of it after that first year. I wouldn't mind seeing this happen at some American parks. Especially if it helps keep some of the traveling fairs in business while things slowly normalize throughout the next year or two.
  2. Fingers crossed for a classic red track and teal support color scheme!
  3. Ironically I don't typically enjoy a day at my homepark alone, but I am more than comfortable hoping on a plane or driving to some new park and spending the day by myself. Probably cause I'm exploring and enjoying everything a new to me park has to offer while at CP or KI (two closest "homeparks") I feel that I have been there and done it all so I prefer company. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a park by yourself. True freedom is when you become comfortable enough to go to movie theaters alone.
  4. Ride looks great! I love the unique support structure. I know it's a product of the park it's in and meant to save space, but I would love to see these "thick boy" supports used on other future coasters. I just think they're fun.
  5. ^For sure, and in my opinion they should. Because we are at a point now that we can trust humans to do the right thing and use common sense... But, the key take away is they will not be forced to at the time being as long as they are following more "universal" guidelines like mask usage enforcement, social distancing, etc.
  6. Gov Dewine just lifted a lot of the attendance restrictions for outdoor events, including allowing festivals again. Now the guidance is just follow common sense and wear a mask... so we're doomed. Anywho, this means the parks should not have to worry about attendance restrictions this summer unless cases trend in a way that forces the restrictions to return.
  7. I am very ignorant to Polynesian culture/history so my initial assessment may be a stretch, but it is very similar. It'll be interesting to see how it all develops and matures as the park is built.
  8. Soooo.. This park will be themed to Avatar: The Last Airbender without being themed to Avatar: TLA. Interesting but not a bad idea, use a popular idea and not pay for the IP. Curious if this causes any copyright issues in the future. Either way, still super excited to see this park being built. Not often we get to see small independent parks built from the ground up these days. Hoping lots of success and growth.
  9. Maybe I missed it. But I'm surprised no one on here mentioned some of the new merch available in the online shop. Mainly this... https://cedarpointonlineshop.com/products/sky-ride-wooden-cutout
  10. Sadly, If Knott's didn't use Xcelerator's extended downtime a few years ago waiting on the catch car repairs to re-paint the ride I doubt that they would've even considered a year long closure to re-paint with almost zero revenue coming in. But agreed, hopefully there will be a few park beautification projects done that will surprise a lot of guests when gates re-open at parks throughout the country (and Canada).
  11. Same experience in 2019 just with my brother and his now ex-wife. She was the reason we didn't stop. I was planning to go in 2020, starting making trip plans (pre-covid in February) and kept checking the calendar for their opening date and then the announced closure. siiiigh
  12. CP loves to troll enthusiasts. I love that the local news picked it up.
  13. Dueling Dragons at Universal would be mine. I lived in Tampa from 2006-2009. I held off going to the park so I could go when Wizarding World opened. I ended up moving back to Ohio in 2009 before Wizarding World opened. Never found the time to go and then BOOM ride was removed.
  14. You only missed breaking down on the ride and being evacuated...
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